Trunk or Treat is Sweet Inside and Outside! (10/26/19)

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One of the annual events at PUMC is our Trunk or Treat. It’s a great way for families to enjoy the “sweetest” part of Halloween, safe from traffic and less than wholesome displays. We always bill it as “Rain or Shine,” and last year it rained. But the weather was much better this year and we enjoyed both phases of our Trunk or Treat; Trunks outside and lots of games and Treats inside.



The church is part of its neighborhood, and we like to invite our neighbors over and enjoy each others company. Events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July Parade, and Trunk or Treat turn into block parties. This year, over 800 people visited our parking lot and fellowship hall to enjoy Trunk or Treat.

Decorated trunks lined our driveway, and we were able to stroll around the trunks, collect candy, and vote for the trunk that we thought showed the most imagination and artistic talent.

Afterwards, we went inside the Fellowship Hall to cast our votes and to try our hand at the various games which had been set up.

Church isn’t just a place to go to on Sunday mornings. At its best, a church interacts with its neighbors; we’re all part of a wider community. The church is relevant when it hosts events like blood drives, voting, and support groups. A church is a vital part of the community’s fabric when it reaches out to help feed the poor, prevent malaria, or provide clean drinking water.

The founder of the Methodist church, John Wesley said, “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.

Trunk or Treat might not be the most orthodox means to “do good”, is but a small glimpse of the church bringing the love of God to all of our brothers and sisters.



The darkness of the evening made it hard to take photographs, but the black lights and the sounds of excited children cast a warm glow. Decorated trunks, buckets of candy, and strangely dressed hosts filled our driveway. And a bounce house on the lawn invited the kids to work off some of their candy-induced energy!

While checking out all of the displays, the adults had a chance to check off their ballots and vote for their favorite trunk.

The winning trunk was an imaginative display from “Beauty and the Beast.” The dining table trunk and costumed presenters earned 190 votes to take the top prize.


Here are a few of the outdoor sights…



After collecting some goodies, admiring the trunks and costumes, and maybe even bouncing in the bounce house, we headed indoors to play some games. Instead of wandering dark streets on Halloween night, kids had a chance to enjoy tossing a beanbag at stacked cups, bobbing for donuts, or rolling down some oversized bowling pins. There were a couple of floating object games; kids could win a lollipop by finding a duck that had a dot on its underside, or they could toss rings on some floating witches hats.

Here’s a glimpse of the fun:


But Wait… There’s More!

If you missed this year’s Trunk or Treat (or even if you didn’t miss it and had a good time), please keep in mind that we have events for kids year ’round. Stay tuned to our website or like our Facebook page. We’re also active on other Social Media. And if you can’t make it to church, most of our events are broadcast on our Live Stream.

To learn more about each activity, search our website or click the button under the description.

Our Father’s House Preschool…

Our preschool for 2, 3, and 4 year olders provides a fun and nurturing learning environment every weekday. This year’s enrollment is nearly full, but we are open for enrollment throughout the school year. And, stay tuned for the annual OFH Christmas Pageant! All are welcome.


Sunday School

Classes for kids (and adults) are held every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30. Nursery care is provided every Sunday.

Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Every summer at PUMC kicks off with our Vacation Bible School. Classes are offered for kids from nursery through 6th grade. VBS is held in June.


Easter Egg Hunt

Our Egg Hunt is held on the Saturday before Easter. Hundreds (thousands?) of eggs are scattered across our lawn. Kids (and then adults) scramble to pick up as many goodie-filled eggs as they can find. Inside we have food, games, and a magic show.

Here’s a look at this year’s hunt (April 2019):

Egg Hunt


To learn more about Trunk or Treat, here’s the post that announced this event…


Halloween??? We may not be so sure about the history of this Fall holiday, but we’re inviting the community over for a party!

We’re holding our annual Trunk or Treat on the evening of Saturday October 26.  All are invited.  Our driveway will be lined with trunks which are decorated in “clean” age appropriate themes. 

Kids (and even adults!) can explore the decorations, moving from car to car.  And, kids (probably not adults) can enjoy the bounce house that will be on our lawn.  And everyone can collect some sugar-filled goodies along the way.

Drop on over and stay as long as you want.  If it rains, we’ll move inside.  So, welcome to our Trunk or Treat- Rain or Shine!

Here are the details…

2019 Trunk or Treat

  • Date:     Saturday Oct. 26  Rain or Shine!
  • Open    6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Cost:    Free!
  • Registration:  You kidding?  Just come on over!!!

Here’s a look at last year’s Trunk or Treat….

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The Trunk or Treat is organized by our Christian Education Team.  For more info. on Sunday School and other events for kids, click this button:     Kids  



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