Grace Rains Down

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“Don’t Put Up Umbrellas

When Grace Rains Down”

What is Grace?  How’s it Rain Down???

Grace is when we get something that we don’t deserve.  Mercy is when we DON’T get something that we DO deserve.  Genesis chapter 3 tells us that there’s something messed up within humankind that makes us want to love ourselves more than God.  Somehow wired within us is this pride that makes us want to try to get along without God, or even to think that we could do a better job of being in charge of the universe than God.

God is holy- super special-  and He can’t put up with creatures who rebel against Him like that.  Sin (missing God’s mark) deserves death.

But, God is also loving and sent His Son Jesus to die for us (see John 3:16).  So we get a second chance.  Not only that, if we keep messing up (which we all do) we get a third chance.  Not only that, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth,a…. Hey!  You can’t outgive God! That’s Grace.

And it never ends; just like some of those strings of rainy days.  The rain goes everywhere; God’s grace is available to anyone.  He constantly give us forgiveness and the things that we need to love Him and to have a fulfilling life that’s in sync with our Creator.

What’s an Umbrella?

People are  good at doing things that help us ignore God.  “Umbrellas” in life are things that we do to reject God’s grace. We make excuses for our own shortcomings.  We blame God when things don’t go our way.  We set the wrong priorities.  All of us have a closet full of umbrellas that we can pull out in any situation.

Get Wet!

But God calls us to put away the umbrellas and allow Him to work in our lives and to “get soaked” by His love and grace.  Give up.  Surrender.  Let Him have His own way in your life.  When we do that we’ll find that being soaked with God lets us lead joy-filled and enriching lives.


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Grace Video

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