The Purple Potty Returns! (6/9/19)

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Is your Purple Potty Plumber insurance policy up to date?!? 

From June 9th – 30th, the youth group will host a fundraiser that we’re calling “The John on the Lawn.”   We’re raising funds to help our youth attend Malaga Camp. Each night, a purple potty will be placed on the front yard of a member of PUMC’s congregation.

If that potty appears on YOUR lawn, you need to be aware of the following plumbing policies:

  • $10 to have the Potty removed.
  • $15 to have the Potty removed and sent to another home in Pitman.
  • $20 to have the potty removed, sent to another home in Pitman, and insurance for the potty to not return.

If you look out of your front window some morning and discover that your lawn has been graced by this unwanted ornament, contact our Youth Group (  They will quickly send out a plumber to have it removed (and to update your insurance policy)!


Malaga Camp

Malaga Camp hosts a series of different Youth Camps throughout the summer.  There are five themes to choose from.  Each theme is geared to a particular interest and age group, and is held during one specific week.

Our Youth Leaders, Kate and Lance Bird are directing the “Middler / Senior” Camp, which will be held during the week of July 14-20.

For more information about the Malaga Camp Summer Youth Camps, click this button:  Malaga Camps




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To learn more about our Youth Group (“BLAST”- Big Loud Awesome Spiritual Time), click this button:  BLAST  










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