Tenth Annual Easter Egg Hunt is a Smash! (4/20/19)

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Easter is a time of celebration. Jesus went all out for us. He lived with us, He died for us. And then…. then He rose from the grave. Easter brings us into eternal life. Easter brings us into an eternal relationship with God. God’s adoption process was completed when the veil was torn and Jesus rose.

Easter is about relationships. Relationships with God. It’s about family- being adopted into the family of God. But it’s also a time for celebrating the earthly families that God has given us. Like the egg which nurtured a chick, and the Savior who rose from the dead, Easter is about life.

And so, about 400 people gathered at PUMC to celebrate life and family. Despite the misty rain, neighbors filled our parking lot, Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, and lawn. It was a party for the community.



What better way to start a family event then to break bread (or hot dog rolls)? The morning started in the Fellowship Hall where everyone got a chance to decorate their “Egg Collection Bags”… and to get some lunch. Lots of hot dogs were dished out.



After lunch, we moved into the Sanctuary to visit with Magic by Ed. Nothing is bigger than Easter and the Resurrection, but Magic by Ed got us thinking and kept us entertained.

Usually, when you see a magician, you’re left scratching your head wondering “How’d he do that???” But on this Egg Hunt Saturday, Ed showed us how to do some tricks! He opened by sharing his “3 Ps” about learning how to be a magician:

  1. Practice- Learn the trick and then practice it over and over.
  2. Patience– It’s not going to work very well at first. You’re going to mess it up. But, keep trying.
  3. Performance– “Magic” is about illusion and deception. Learn how to present the trick while inviting the audience to focus their attention elsewhere.

“Magic by Ed” is very good at the “3 Ps”. He showed us several tricks and then followed each one by explaining how he did it. Then he turned a volunteer into a magician as they did it themselves. Numbers were guessed, cards were identified, and a baggie did the limbo!


The Hunt is On!

And then, the moment we all wated for: Hunting for eggs! Hundreds of plastic eggs, filled with chocolate goodies, were scattered across our lawn. When Ed finished his show, the “magic” began. Everyone walked out to the lawn and waited for Stefanie (our Christian Education Director) to give the “Go” signal.

“On your mark! Get set! Go!”… and the hunt was on. Each age group took their turn to rush onto the field and gather up their treasures. When they were done, just about every egg had been gathered.

Here’s a glimpse of the “eggcitement”…


What’s Next?

This was our 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt, and as fun as they are, each “hunt” has ushered in a celebration of God’s “hunt” for us. God’s quest for forgiveness and adoption succeeded on Easter Morning. Each Easter Egg Hunt has been a warm up act for Easter Sunday, and we will celebrate Easter tomorrow with two services (9:30 and 11:00AM). The Lord is Risen!

And, summer is just around the corner. One of the year’s biggies on our schedule is Vacation Bible School…

Vacation Bible School, 2019

“Roar:  Life is Wild but God is Good!”

  • Who:     Nursery through 6th Grade
  • Where: Pitman United Methodist Church
  • When:   Monday June 24 through Friday June 28 (2019)
  • What Time:   6:00 PM until 8:00 PM.
  • How Much$: Free of charge!

Stay tuned for Registration info (links will be published on this website)….


For a preview of “Roar”, check out this video:


For more about our Easter Egg Hunt, here’s the post that announced this year’s hunt…

Announcement Post

On Saturday April 20, 2019, we’ll continue the PUMC tradition by holding our 10th annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It will run from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  If it rains we’ll move everything inside… it will still be a great time.  All are welcome!


Church is Supposed to Be Fun!

Church is supposed to be fun!  Really!!!  We’re family.  We’re celebrating the fact that we are in a loving relationship with our Creator God, who loved us enough to send His Son to fix our damaged relationship with Him.  This is great news!  (and here comes that first nasty pun...) It’s Eggciting news!!!

And so this Easter Egg Hunt is all about creating a time where families can join together to celebrate the joy and mystery of the gifts that God gives us.  The celebration starts at 11:00 AM.  We’ll play some games and enjoy some food and a special presentation indoors, and then we’ll move out to our “yard” and collect the eggs.


Here’s a taste of our 9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt… (use your browser’s “back” button to return to this screen)…

PUMC and Neighbors Hunt Easter Eggs! (3/31/18)




But Wait… There’s More!

If you’re a young family with kids who are ready to “Roar into Adventure”, we’d love to see in a couple of months when we open our Vacation Bible School.  Here are some details…

VBS 2019

WHEN:                         June 24 – June 28, 2019

PROGRAM:               “Roar: Life is Wild but God is Good!”

REGISTRATION:      “Stay tuned…”



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The Easter Egg is sponsored by our Christian Education Team.  To learn more about our Sunday School opportunities, click this button:

Sunday School



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