Small Group to Study “The Unreasonable Jesus” (4/2/19)

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In 2018, Thomas Christianson wrote a book in which he called Jesus Unreasonable!  Unreasonable???  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does ask us to do some things that are pretty hard: Love those who hate us, forgive those who take vengeance on us, give to those who take from us.  Sounds pretty reckless… even unreasonable! 

Starting in April, a small group for women will form to study this book.   The book is entitled: 

The Unreasonable Jesus, Becoming the Person He Made You to Be.” 


Here are the details on the new group:

Women’s Small Group: The Unreasonable Jesus

Starts:   Tuesday April 2

Ends:     Tuesday June 4

Meets:  Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, in the church

For:      Women


If you’re interested in joining this group, contact Kristin McIlvaine.  She can  order a book for you, or you can check it out yourself.  Here’s the link to Amazon:  Book Order  

The book has 18 short chapters, so we are targeting 9 weeks. Ideally we would end in May or no later than June.


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