Daffodils Fight Cancer! (4/14/19)

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As Easter approaches, we come to one of our annual traditions:  Buying daffodils and supporting the American Cancer Society…

Pots of mini-daffodils are for sale for $10.00. We are able to purchase the daffodils for $2.40 and  donate the balance to the American Cancer Society. To order your daffodils, place your order form in the offering plate along with cash or a check made payable to PUMC (with notation of Daffodils). You may also drop  your order form in the church office or see Cindy Pownall or Helen Scaletti.

The last day to order the flowers is April 7. Flowers can be picked up after church on Sunday, April 14. Since April 14 is Palm Sunday, you may want to order your daffodils for Easter.


The order form is shown below (it’s also in Steeple Notes).  You can either order one or more pots and/or  make a donation to the American Cancer Society….

$_________    ____ Mini Daffodil Pots ($10 each)


In Memory of:   ________________________________


In Honor of:  __________________________________


$_________ Donation to the American Cancer Society


In Memory of:   ________________________________


In Honor of:  __________________________________


$_________ Total Enclosed



Cut out the above form and drop it off in the church office.


What:  Daffodils

How Much:   $10.00 / pot

When:  Order by April 7.  Pick up on April 14


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