Men to Retreat for Mission-Shaping! (3/15/19)

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The year to year flow of seasons in a church brings about a series of memorable highlights.  For most PUMC’ers, events such as the Christmas Cantata, Christmas Eve service, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and (thanks to Pastor Jim…), Superbowl Sunday are all special moments that we look forward to.

For the men of the church, the annual retreat to Black Rock would fall into the list of favorites.  We have now held 17 consecutive retreats.  Each weekend holds a special memory and time of growth for the men who have attended.

Our 18th annual Men’s Retreat is in the works!  As usual, it will be held at the Black Rock Retreat Center in Quarryville, PA.  This year’s retreat will be on the weekend of March 15-17. 

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One facet of this retreat that will make it a bit different- ironically- is that we will have a returning speaker!  Each year we have been blessed by different people (usually guest clergy) who have been willing to prepare a message and to spend the weekend with us.  Two years ago, our guest speaker was the Rev.  Matt Murphy.  His message about Mission was so powerful that we wanted to hear more.  And so, Pastor Matt will be leading our retreat again this year!  We look forward to seeing him again.

Men’s Fellowship Retreat

  • WHEN: Friday March 15 through Sunday March 17
  • TIMES:  Starts Friday evening, ends Sunday noonish
  • WHEREBlack Rock Retreat Center, Lancaster Co. PA
  • COST:  $114-$187
  • WHO:  Any man 17 years or older


Retreat Leader…

As in 2017, we welcome Pastor Matt Murphy to our weekend!  Two years ago, Pastor Matt gave us a “50,000 feet” look at what it means to be a man on God’s mission.  It was a great weekend and we’re so happy that Pastor Matt is able to return and to lead our weekend this year.

Pastor Matt’s Bio

Matt Murphy is currently a church planter in Levittown, PA. He also is a coach, trainer, and speaker throughout the northeast helping churches create a discipleship culture focused on Jesus’ mission within their local church community and broader local communities outside the church. 

Matt has been married to his wife Kelly for nearly 15 years and they have 4 kids Joshua, Caleb, Gideon, and Sarah. In his spare time, he serves as a coach and cheerleader for his kid’s sports teams and other activities. 




Two years ago, Pastor Matt introduced us to Mission.  He challenged us to get a firm grasp on our Mission, Message, Method, and Ministry.  This is the “what” of the life to which God has called each of us.  As Matt said, the 2017 weekend was a “50,000 feet view.”  It was about the overview.  But this time, we’re going to land the plane and get to where the rubber meets the road.

Once you understand what our mission is (i.e., our purpose in life!), how do we fulfill it?  What practical skills and disciplines do we need to cultivate in order to follow the mission that God has laid out for each of us?


“A Man Shaped for God’s Mission:

Practices that Prepare us for God’s Mission”


Method… and Madness!

We never have a firm schedule.  We’re Men!  We take things as they come and go with the flow.  But, there is a general plan.  Here’s what usually happens during one of our retreat weekends: 

  • Friday- Dinner at the Quarryville Family Restaurant (Optional)
  • Friday Night- First session- The retreat officially gets underway!
  • Saturday morning- Session #2
  • Saturday afternoon- free time
  • Saturday evening- Session #3
  • Sunday morning- wrap up and worship. Depart by noon.

Day Trippers Welcomed!

You don’t have to stay for the entire weekend!  Stay for both nights, one night- or no nights.

Many have taken advantage of the option to just join the retreat on Saturday (that’s when the main part of the retreat happens).  You’ll have to pay for any meals you have, but don’t feel that you must commit to the entire weekend in order to experience the retreat.

Saturday Meals

  • Breakfast: $10
  • Lunch:  $14
  • Dinner: $17


Along with the message, worship, prayer and other “serious stuff”, the weekends include a lot of fun things!  During our free time we play games, some of us can even play chess, some of us hike, some play basketball, and others just hang out in front of the fire place.  But of course, one of the major highlights, is the food!  All meals (except for Friday’s dinner) are included, and the folks at Black Rock do a great job at stocking a big buffet. 

And, if you have any room after enjoying the regular meals at Black Rock, we tend to supply our own version of food; cookies, chips, and… Pizza!  Nobody will go hungry at one of our retreats!

Here are a few memories from our 2017 retreat…




We have three options on where we can room (all of these are part of the Black Rock facility and within easy walking distance of every venue during the weekend).  Also, all meals (except for Friday’s dinner) are included in the price.  Black Rock’s cafeteria buffet serves us Saturday’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then on Sunday they feed us breakfast and lunch.

The cabins are not “first class,” but they’re clean and comfortable. They include a common bath room with a couple of showers (no towels are provided). Sleeping is on bunks. Five bunk beds are in each cabin, and generally we’ll have lower bunks for anyone wanting them. Cushions are provided on the bunks, but bring your own linins or sleeping bags. You’ll also need a towel.  We have reserved 10 spots.

Cost: $114

Whip-poor Will Lodge. This is one of the newest buildings on campus (or “in camp”?). If you’ve been on the retreat, you may remember seeing it; it’s the A-Frame building behind our “usual” conference room. The “lodge” has 8 spaces. Real beds and linen are provided.

Cost: $179

Maranatha Lodge.  This is the main building; the one with the fireplaces, basketball court, and cafeteria (sometimes we eat in the other cafeteria which is on the other side of the camp).  The rooms are like hotel rooms; 3 spots per room.  This is the first class location; you won’t need sleeping bags, sheets or towels here!

Cost: $187

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If you are interested in going on the retreat, contact Gene Sevene, Chris Valianti, or drop an email to As always, scholarship funds are available if you have a financial need. This is confidential as always.

Deposit plan…

You can pay it all off in one shot if you want, or installments are good too. The main thing is that you come!

  • 1st deposit of 50% is due January 27
  • Final balance due by 2/24



Friday March 15…

If you don’t know where the Black Rock retreat center is and you need a ride, not to worry!  In the weeks leading into the retreat weekend, we’ll be sending out emails to organize car pools.  Black Rock is about an hour’s drive away (depending on the traffic…).  We usually get together at the Quarryville Family Restaurant.   There’s no set meeting time; we invade the restaurant in shifts as each group arrives.  Parts of our group are usually there spanning a few of hours (5:00 – 8:30 PM ish).  We’ll then gather at the Retreat Center for our first session (sometime around 9:00 PM).


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To learn more about our 2017 retreat, and to bone up on Pastor Matt’s introduction to Mission, check out the report about that retreat:

Men Retreat to Strengthen their Mission (3/17/17)


To learn more about our Men’s Fellowship Group, click this button:    Mens Fellowship  


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