Our Father’s House Sings the Meaning of Christmas! (12/6/18)

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Each year, our Preschoool (called Our Father’s House) presents a Christmas Pageant giving us the True Story of Christmas.  This year’s Pageant was held on Thursday Dec. 4.  The music and costumes trace the biblical story from busy Bethlehem (knock, knock on the inkeeper’s door… no room), to the shepherds and angels, to the stable and animals, and to the star and wise men.

The program doesn’t change much from year to year, and we’re all very familiar with the Christmas Story.

But there’s an underlying story that we are celebrating.  These are special moments in a young family’s life; memories are being created that will be celebrated in the years to come.  It’s a celebration of the love and dedication of the teachers and staff of Our Father’s House.  There’s a deep love and selflessness that permeates all that they do.  And finally, it’s a story of our Children.  A recognition of the innocence, excitement, and fresh viewpoint that they provide.  Christmas isn’t just a well-worn story; it’s a fresh jolt of love and hope.


The Story of Family…

Those days of 2, 3, and 4 year olds are precious.  Our babies grow up.  We want to capture and savor these special times as much as we can.  So, parents and family change their busy schedules so they can attend this mid-morning event.  They bring their cameras.  Cell Phones are pointed towards their one special “actor/actress” who’s on the stage.  With each click, a fresh moment of love is being treasured…. 


The Story of Community…

Throughout the school year, you drop your child off at the church for a few hours and try to work in some errands.   Even as you appreciate these moments of “freedom,” you drive away with a need to deeply trust the teachers and aides who are stepping in to nurture your child for those few hours. 

Part of the pageant’s story of Christmas is the story of the love and dedication of these teachers.  From the gentle touches ushering children into their positions (marked by tape on the floor), to the exaggerated facial expressions urging the child to smile, to knowing that this same attention is lovingly given to your child every day, you’re assured that your trust is well-founded.  The Pageant shows the story of Christmas by demonstrating how God has created a caring community of love to nurture all of us.




The Story of Innocence…

But the most important part of the Story of Christmas is the simple faith of that continually shines out of the children.  It’s an innocent faith that trusts, that has no inhibitions, that bubbles over with joy.  It’s a faith that doesn’t worry. 

And, it’s a faith that adults should have.  After all, the story of Christmas is centered on a Baby.  The children remind the grownups that we have a loving Father who we can approach.  Our Abba Father is Someone who we can trust.  Like the tape on the floor, or the gentle nudges of teachers, or the loving glow in the faces of parents, the assurance of our Good Shepherd gives us the freedom to be children and to crawl into His loving arms….


Go Tell it On the Mountain

The True Story of Christmas gives us awesome news of joy and peace: God loves us, forgives us, and offers us eternal life!

This  story can’t end with a pageant or with Megabytes of photos on our phones.    The story of Christmas must continue- with all of us.  And so the kids reminded us that we have to freedom to shout the news throughout the year….


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