Welcome to all Trunk or Treaters! (10/27/18)

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If you attended our Trunk or Treat on 10/27/18, here’s a welcome message for you.  If you didn’t attend… our Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday April 20, 2019!

Of course, we’re always “open”-  and you’re always welcome!  Check out this article to learn more about what’s going on at the Pitman United Methodist Church…


Trunk or Treaters-

Thanks so much for visiting our Trunk or Treat! We hope that it was an enjoyable evening and that it created some special memories for you and your family.

We hope you felt at home, even if only wandering through our parking lot (or Fellowship Hall). We see ourselves as a resource for the community; we’re here for and with you! If you don’t have a church home, we hope that you feel welcomed enough to consider Pitman United Methodist your church home (even if it’s only for Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg Hunts, etc).

We’re not just here for special events like Trunk or Treat. Throughout the year we’re here for people of all needs and ages. Our purpose is to “create climates where spiritual growth can occur.” We grow spiritually when we come together and help eachother.

Since you chose to come to Trunk or Treat, we assume that you are a family with young children. Jesus said , “Let the little children come to Me,” and part of our mission is to create opportunities for families to bond and to discover the loving arms of Jesus.

Here are a few of the opportunities that you might be interested in…
(Click the “Previous/Next” arrows to cycle through the slides. Click the button on each slide to learn more about the ministry described):

Our Father’s House Preschool

Our preschool provides a nurturing Christian environment for children from ages 2 1/2 through 4 years old. Morning, afternoon, and all day classes are offered.

Clifford Visits the OFH Book Fair

In addition to the class time, Our Father’s House teach children the value of helping others. Each month features a different service project (such as collections for the food pantry, Heiffer International, UNICEF, etc.) And we hold book fairs, trips to farms, and even visits by the Fire Department.

Our Fathers House

Sunday School

On Sundays, during the 9:30 service, kids of all ages have the chance to open the Bible and to learn about God. Classes for children from kindergarten through 5th grade learn truths from the Bible and apply them to the real world. An Adult class tackles some of the tough questions about God and faith.





Sunday School


Going to “church” on Sunday is intended to be a family event. We offer two worship services (9:30 and 11:00). Worship is supposed to be fun! One annual tradition is to dress in our favorite sports garb on Superbowl Sunday.

The first service features contemporary music and is informal. The second service is a bit more traditional, and the choir helps lead the music. Our “Joy Filled Juniors” choir lends their voices, and kids are encouraged to participate in worship… but, we do offer a nursery for the youngest among us.


Good News Club

Tuesday nights is a busy night at PUMC for many small groups. From 7-8PM Pastor Jim’s Bible Study, the Youth Group Bible Study, and the Good News Club are all meeting. Other small groups meet throughout the week.


The “Good News Club” is for children ages 5 through 12. Currently, they are wrapping up a study on Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. They will then move on to Joseph.


Tuesday Studies

BLAST Youth Group

BLAST means a Big Loud Awesome Spiritual Time!

We meet every Sunday evening for a time of bible study, fellowship, and service.

BLAST is currently trying to raise one TON of food (literally!) for the Pitman Food Pantry. We also serve meals at homeless shelters, and go to camps and retreats. And- we do fun stuff like going to parks, sleepovers or movies… and even Gop and Goo!


Easter Egg Hunt (April 2019)

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is a ways off, but it’s always a hit!

Easter is is probably the most meaningful part of the Christian calendar. The resurrection assures our eternal life in Christ.

It’s a time to celebrate; even if that celebration involves collecting plastic eggs filled with goodies. Like the Trunk and Treat, it’s an opportunity for the community to get together and have some family oriented fun together.

2018 Egg Hunt

Vacation Bible School (June 2019)

And looking further ahead, keep our Vacation Bible School in mind…

Vacation Bible School is a long time tradition at Pitman United Methodist Church. We’ve used various formats over the years, but recently our VBS is held during the evening. It includes all kids from nursery through 6th grade.

Each year features a different theme. Learning sessions and all kinds of fun activities are woven together to make for a memorable week of learning and growth.

2018 VBS



Please”kick the tires” of Pitman United Methodist Church and explore our website. All of the items shown below are available using the “Know,Grow Go” menus at the top of our site….


Social Media

This website and our social media channels serve as a window into all of the great things that are happening at Pitman United Methodist Church. Please bookmark our site, Like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

FB Page Twitter Instagram


Live Stream

We broadcast all of our services on Live Stream. If you want to check out one of our Sunday Mornings without leaving the comfort of your home, drop in on our Live Stream. The Live Stream page also contains some recordings of past services.

Live Stream


Community Center

Part of our mission to the community is to provide meeting space for important support. A chapter of NA meets in the church every Tuesday night. We also host support groups such as “Parents Anonymous”, HOPE (support group for those who have recently lost loved ones), NAMI, Newpoint.

We’re also home for Boy Scouts troop 55, Cub pack 218, and two Brownie troops. The Kiwanis club meets here. We host the County flu clinics every fall and we also serve as a polling place for Pitman’s elections. Our parking lot serves as the ending point for the town’s Fourth of July Parade and the starting point of the annual Christmas parade.

To see the full slate of what’s happening in our building, check out our calendar page:

Calendar Page


Up ‘n Coming…

It might only be October, but here’s a glimpse of some of the bigger things that will be on the calendar (some of the dates are “geustimates” based on previous years).

Note: Some of the “Info” buttons will take you to reports about last year’s event…


Saturday, Nov. 10,
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Christmas Marketplace
Craft sale to build wells
Thursday, December 6,
10:00 AM?
Preschool Christmas Pageant Info
Sunday, December 16,
4:15 PM
Christmas Cantata Info
Sunday December 23,
10:15 AM
One service, 10:15AM.
Guest speaker Rev. Jim Hughes
Monday December 24,
Christmas Eve

4:30 PM
(for younger families)

7:00 PM
(Traditional Candlelighting)

Mid-March 2019
Men’s Fellowship Retreat Info
Saturday April 20,
Easter Egg Hunt Info
July 2019 Missions trip to La Palmilla Mexico Info




Of course, it’s much more than just the events that we hold. Pitman UMC exists to draw people towards Jesus Christ and to support eachother so that we can grow into a right relationship with God.

God has promised us peace, abundant life, and eternal life. This church exists so that we can share in a nurturing community that helps us claim God’s promises and to live them out.

All people are invited to join in this community of Christian love and support.


We’re Here FOR You and WITH You!

So we hope you don’t view this big building on the edge of town as some kind of private “club” or “church.” This church and the building we occupy are here for the community.

We’re a faith community who loves Jesus Christ and longs to grow closer to God in all areas of our lives. So that’s why we want to “love our neighbors” and to be a positive resource for the community. As we strive to be part of the local community, we also work to be a positive force in the worldwide community by supporting missions beyond our own town (Missions).

Thanks again for visiting our Trunk or Treat, and we invite you to continue to consider Pitman United Methodist Church as a welcoming place of community throughout the year.

(Here are some of the folks that make up Pitman UMC. Click the picture to learn more about what’s going on…):



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