Sheep Surprise Pastor Jim! (10-14-18)

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It was Laity Sunday- Pastor Jim was supposed to have the day off.  There were no baptisms, no communion, no tasks that could only be done by an elder.  And so, Pastor Jim joined the congregation as lay people led the music, prayers, and gave the sermon.

But there was one small wrinkle to this Laity Sunday; it was being held during October, which is Pastor Appreciation Month.  And so our Christian Education Team took advantage of the situation and surprised our supposedly pew-bound pastor.  During a “special announcement”, the Christian Education team leaders called Pastor Jim up to the pulpit and presented him with a package of hand drawn notes.  And then, the congregation responded by waving a “Sheep on a Stick”(which had somehow been distributed without Pastor Jim’s knowledge).

It all happened so fast, that the camera couldn’t focus.  But here’s what our camera was able to capture…


It was a fun moment, and yet an important moment of community.


Here’s a note from Pastor Jim which was posted in the following Sunday’s bulletin:


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each of you for your wonderful surprise last Sunday. The kindness you expressed during this Pastor Appreciation Month was greatly appreciated and served as a great source of encouragement.  Looking around and seeing all holding up the “lambs,” was special and quite touching. 

Thank you to the Sunday School for all of their participation and the wonderful drawings. I was touched by the hand drawn pictures and kind words on each one.

Thank you so much! It is such a pleasure to be serving with you!

Pastor Jim







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