PUMC to Remember the Least of These on World Communion Sunday (10/7/18)

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World Communion Sunday is one of six United Methodist church wide special Sundays.  Christians around the world set this day as a way to recognize and celebrate missions and ministries empowered by God throughout His Church.

On October 7, we will join thousands of other Christian congregations as we receive the sacraments of Holy Communion. During this service, our prayers will focus on “the least of these” throughout the world.  We will lift up those devoted missionaries who are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in their midst. Let us pray for their safety, and that God will guide their work, and grant them His peace.

As United Methodists we have the opportunity to combine our contributions to these vital ministries with the contributions of thousands of other United Methodist churches to make a greater financial impact, with our gifts to United Methodist Shared Ministries which supports missions and ministries throughout the world.

Here at Pitman UMC, we are doing God’s work! We are privileged to be a missional church.

Joining other United Methodist churches in Shared Ministries, we are sending the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world as we provide food, clothing and shelter to the poorest of the poor.  We are doing things to provide healthcare and disease prevention and treatment to third world countries.  We rebuild homes, lives, and hope in those areas devastated by man made or natural disasters. Missions are an inherent part of our faith.

Our prayers for missions, volunteer time, and financial support start at the doors of PUMC and extend locally, nationally, and throughout the world. We serve the weakest and most vulnerable among us working to improve their quality of life;  it’s imperative for us, as disciples of Christ to do so. We act because we are called by our profession of faith to participate in the ongoing transformation of the world. We act because we believe that God desires that all of His children flourish. We act because when we serve “the least of these” we are serving God.

As we receive Holy Communion on World Communion Sunday, let us pray for all of His servants who are sharing His love, forgiveness, and peace throughout the world.


To see how our World Communion Offering is making a difference in Nigeria, check out the below video:



What is World Communion Sunday?!?

For a less serious look at World Communion Sunday, check out this video from the wisdom of “Chuck Knows Church”…


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