PUMC Helps Send Mexican Kids to School

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One of the ministries we support is a United Methodist Church in La Palmilla, Mexico.  They are a growing church without the financial means to provide the resources needed by their ministry.  For years, we have raised money and sent mission teams to La Palmilla to help them build a new sanctuary.  The construction has finally been completed, and the church dedicated their new sanctuary in 2016.

But sending their children to school is another difficulty they have.  In the US we take it for granted that our kids will complete elementry and High School.  In Mexico, that costs money; money that families frequently don’t have.  Over the years, we have addressed that need by sponsoring children.  These sponsorships have enabled these families to purchase school supplies, pay for tuition, and to see their children graduate from High School.


Here’s an update on the sponsorship program from mission leader Jennifer Andrade (who recently returned from La Palmilla)….


A huge thank you goes to all who sponsored children in La Palmilla in order to help them start a new school year. This past summer, thanks to sponsors from this church (and other churches here in South Jersey and nine other states), we were able to help a total of 436 children and youth start a new school year. Praise God!

I had three official assistants to help this year: Chris Valianti (one of our own), Liz Aitken (from South Carolina), and Nahúm (a La Palmilla native young man studying foreign languages at college). Between the four of us, we worked about 450 hours. We also had a number of members from the La Palmilla Methodist Church who also volunteered many hours as well. Although it is a lot of work, it is SO rewarding! The children and their parents are so appreciative and happy to receive the help to return to school.



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For more about our misison with the church in La Palmilla, click this button:    La Palmilla  




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