Preschool to Open its Tenth Season! (9/10/18)

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Almost 15 years ago, our building on the corner of Holy and Broadway caught on fire and was destroyed.  Shortly after, we decided to build a new building in a different location.  As the process began, we studied the needs of the community and the needs of the church, and then we created the “wish lists” of features that we needed in the new building.

One of the items high on the list was the ability to host a preschool.  To do that you need classrooms with their own bathrooms, external doors, and a lot of other requirements to ensure safety for the children.

A year after we moved into our new church building, our preschool started their first school year.  Our Father’s House was “born” in 2008!  So if you’re a Phillies fan and you remember the fall of 2008 with a special fondness (that’s the year the Phillies baseball team won the World Series championship), add Our Fathers House to your memories of 2008!


The 2018-2019 Season Begins!

On Monday Sept. 10 the doors to Our Fathers House will open for the 10th time.  It promises to be another year of learning, mission, and fun!  For a peak at some of the things we’ve done during the past 9 years, click this button:   OFH Posts  

Welcome to Our Father’s House

One touch which makes Our Fathers House a Home is the supportive presence of our “crossing guards.”  For most of the nine years, “Mr. Yogi” stationed himself by the door to help children across the parking lot.  But more than that, he gave the kids a fist bump and warm greeting as they left their parents for a few hours to attend school.  Mr. Yogi passed away several years ago, but the mantel has since been picked up by Will Downham and Charles Weatherby.  Will and Charles will be on hand to give encouragement and to calm first-day worries when the children arrive.

Mr. Yogi

Will Downham and Charles Weatherby








The hallway mural greets children as they enter Our Father’s House


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For more information about Our Father’s House, click this button:  Our Fathers House  




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