Two Billboards Outside of Fellowship Hall (8/22/18)

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Have you been in the Fellowship Hall recently?  You may have been there but passed them by, but two bulletin boards have been announcing events and sharing information for a long time.

The first board (closest to the Narthex) holds missions news and is updated by the Missions Committee regularly. The second board, closer to the kitchen displays community news. Often, fliers come in the mail with a request to share the information with the congregation. These get posted on the NEWS bulletin board.

The Fellowship Hall is where we like to eat; covered dish dinners, Scout dinners, celebrations.  But, in order for these bulletin boards to keep us informed, they need to be “fed” too!

Would you be interested in volunteering your creative talents? Would you like to make these bulletin boards attractive and keep them updated?

If you’re interested, please contact Grace Kier or Nancy Walters ( ).

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