Tanzania Testimony (9/16/18)

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Where’s Tanzania?  Are there United Methodists there?  What are they doing and why should we care?  During our annual Conference in 2018, Greater New Jersey committed to a relationship with the United Methodist Conference of Tanzania.  Their bishop, Bishop Mande Muyombo,  was a guest at our conference in May and helped preside over our

Bishop Mande Muyonbo

service of ordination.

In June, our own bishop (Bishop John Schol) traveled to Tanzania with at team from New Jersey.   

Rev. David LeDuc and the congregation of the Vincent United Methodist Church in Nutley, N.J. have a close relationship with Rev. Mutwale and the UMC of Tanzania.  Barbara Carrino, one of Vincent UMC’s members most familiar with the needs in Tanzania is going to visit our church on September 16.

Barbara  recently won an award from her town (Nutley) honoring her for all of her well-known efforts in the community;  Barbara is the 2017 recipient of the Virginius D. Mattia Memorial Award for Distinguished Community Service.

We’re blessed that Barbara will travel to Pitman to tell us about the growing United Methodist presence in Tanzania, and to give us a look at how this church is “building the Kingdom of God” in this African nation. 


Learn More about our Mission in Tanzania

  • Sunday September 16 (during our worship services)
  • Guest Speaker: Barbara Carrino (Vincent United Methodist Church)
Read news articles about Barbara receiving the Mittia award:


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Vincent UMC:  A Special Relationship with Tanzania

The Vincent United Methodist Church has taken on a close relationship with the church in Tanzania.  Our guest speaker at our Sept. 16 services is Barbara Carrino, who is the Chair of the Missions Team at the Vincent Church.  Barbara sent the below letter to introduce herself and to tell us how their church began helping the church in Tanzania.  Click the below “Learn More” box to learn more about Barbara and about the Tanzania church…

Barbara's Letter of Introduction

As a member of Vincent United Methodist Church in Nutley for over 26 years, I have served in many capacities from committee chair to

Barbara Carrino

Sunday School Superintendent. But most of my work has been concentrated in the area of missions and social concerns. I have worked on and been the chairperson for missions and outreach for 20 years. Vincent Church has an extensive outreach program that serves our local community through our Care Kitchen, Care Pantry and Community Care Program. We also work with the Interfaith Hospitality Network hosting homeless families and with CUMAC in Patterson on food and school supply drives.

Visit From Tanzania…

Our mission focus has largely been on Tanzania. We have supported Kabaka Ndala Alphonsine in her work with orphaned preschool children and widowed women in Dar es Salaam for almost 10 years. But when she and her husband, Rev. Mutwale Ntambo wa Mushidi, came to the United States, we were able to host them for a week and learn in detail about their ministry and mission in Tanzania. Our mission committee was so moved and inspired by them that we decided to make the trip to Dar es Salaam to see for ourselves the work and ministry being done there.

Trip To Tanzania…

In June of 2013 six of us traveled to Tanzania, not really knowing how God would use us. We thought we were going to do some work on the schoolhouse roof, do some painting and try to learn about the culture and work of the missionaries we were already supporting. Little did we know that we would learn about the vision Rev. Mutwale and Kabaka had for the last 10 years of purchasing a parcel of land to begin the building of a United Methodist Conference Center. This center would include a church, schools, a women’s center and a health clinic. We traveled to see the land that was available for sale. But without support, this dream would never be realized. $50,000 would need to be raised to purchase the land. It seemed impossible.

After returning to our lodgings that evening, our group talked and prayed. God was speaking to us and we knew that nothing was impossible if it was God’s will.  So, the next day when we met again with Rev. Mutwale, we made a pledge to raise the $50,000 by the end of the year. That gave us 6 months. Upon returning home we began having fundraisers and going out to speak to other churches and organizations about the need in Tanzania. And praise God, by September of 2013, we had raised over $50,000. By February 2014, the land was purchased, cleared and crops planted. Soon after that, the wells were dug. As more funds were raised, the first building was begun.

Continue Changing Lives…

The guest house is now finished. This building was done first in order to generate some income to continue the project. The next building will be the health clinic. This mission project is changing the lives of so many people in the Dar es Salaam community. Children will have schools to attend, women will have job training, people will have access to health care and education, and the Methodist Church will be a witness to the glory of God.

In May 2018, the NJ Annual Conference voted to include the Tanzania Conference Center project in the Miracles Everywhere campaign. Praise be to God.


Tanzania:  A Special Relationship with New Jersey

One of the global missions that PUMC, GNJUMC (Greater New Jersey United Methodist Church), and UMC Shared Ministries help to support is the First United Methodist Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  How did the New Jersey Methodists get involved with another Conference on the other side of the world?  Click the below “Learn More” box to find out more about the United Methodists in Tanzania…

The UMC in Tanzania

In 1992, along with other missionary teams, Rev. Mutwale, his wife, Kabaka, and their six children, were sent by the UMC North Katanga Conference from their home in D.R. Congo to serve the fledgling UMC in Tanzania.

Today there are 68 thriving United Methodist churches in Tanzania, with plans for many more. Rev. Mutwale serves as the Bishop’s Legal Representative, the District Superintendent, and Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital and busiest port city. His duties include supervision of all UMC activities in the region, planting churches, and educating and mentoring ordained and local UMC pastors.

Kabaka is Coordinator of Women’s Activities and Training and is Director of the UMC preschool. She also preaches at women’s events. She has organized a Women’s Sewing Project.  Demand for their handiwork has grown which helps provide a small income for the women. Kabaka uses their time together to mentor these women, providing them with health education, guidance, and spiritual nurturing. the Tanzanian Church has been in ministry with widows and orphaned children, providing them with assistance, food and clothing.

 Tanzania is also home to large multiethnic refugee camps necessitated by the violence in Africa’s Great Lakes region. The UMC is a growing presence in these camps where thousands are now church members. Sixteen local and ordained UMC pastors serve them. Kabaka, a trained midwife, assists with births in the camps. Care for these refugees weighs heavily on the hearts of the missionaries. The need is acute and the resources, few.

Bishop John Schol

At the GNJ Annual Conference in May, Bishop Schol announced the formation of the Miracles Everywhere Campaign, which  began by forming a covenant partnership with the Tanzania Annual Conference. This UMC missional partnership will train new pastors, build new congregations, and construct a Hope Center for mission engagement in Tanzania. The Hope Center will house a medical clinic, which will provide life saving and preventative care to the community, and a primary and secondary school for orphans.

Bishop Schol and a team from GNJ went to Tanzania in June to lead a pastor’s school. Bishop Schol preached an inspiring message at the opening of the pastor’s school. The GNJ team also had the opportunity to visit a Hope Center being built in a village outside Dar es Salaam, participate in the consecration of the new guest house that will be used to host mission teams, and joined the opening session of the Tanzanian Annual Conference. Bishop Schol was the guest preacher, which was the first time a U.S.Bishop participated in an Annual Conference in Tanzania. The GNJ team was inspired by the faith of the participants, deeply moved by their spirituality, and blessed by the friendships that were formed.


Tanzania –  Greater NJ Conference Project

Here’s a brochure about the Greater NJ Annual Conference’s work in Tanzania (downloaded from the Vincent UMC website):

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