Pay Phones are Gone, but Prayer Still Works!

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With the universal use of cell phones, the pay phones which once dotted our downtown have all but vanished.  Outside of the Jake’s on Broadway restaurant in Pitman, a former pay phone has taken on a new and creative purpose…



The ways we communicate with each other have changed dramatically over the years.  And, they will continue to change as technology advances.

But the ways in which we communicate with God are time tested and dependable.  We can communicate with God in pretty much the same way that Jesus did.  Jesus prayed.  Jesus looked for messages in God’s creation.  Jesus took quiet moments where He could focus His thoughts entirely on God.  He didn’t recite canned prayers like “now I lay me down to sleep…”; He prayed intently, even to the point of sweating drops of blood.


The examples of prayer, meditation, and Bible Study as a means of connecting with God run throughout the Bible and through our personal experiences.

You may not be able to find any pay phones around anymore, but Prayer is wired into our spiritual being and will never become obsolete.

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