A Tour Around “Other” Churches

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Facebook Feeds from Other Churches…


What?!?  We’re including information about our “Competition” on our own website?!?

Yes- we DO believe that some of the best things are happening right here at PUMC.  But we sure don’t have the corner on serving God  or on good ideas.   There’s a  lot we can learn from other churches.

Most churches (or any other organization, for that matter) are active on Facebook.  Everyone uses Facebook in different ways, but all  of the  posts, pictures, and event announcements give us a glimpse into the organization.  In our case,  looking at the Facebook Pages of other churches gives us a chance to reach beyond our walls and to get the larger picture. 

Christ’s Church is made up of many different churches. The Body consists of many different people, and it embraces different traditions and practices. Sometimes our ways of worshiping or even points of theology may differ across denominations, but we’re all on the same team! All of us want to Glorfiy God. So here’s a peak at what’s happening in some of the other churches (United Methodist and otherwise) in our community…

The facebook pages chosen for this page were chosen based on their proximity to PUMC or on other connections we have with those churches. Pages which are not regularly updated are not included.

Also, note that these are Facebook PAGES, not Groups.  Our software is unable to display content from Groups.

Note:  Each of the feeds must be loaded before you can access them.  Things might be a bit slower than a “normal” page; please be patient while your browser “spins”…


Other Nearby United Methodist Churches…

First United Methodist- Glassboro

Richwood United Methodist

Trinity United Methodist- Mullica Hill

St. Johns United Methodist- Turnersville

Bethel United Methodist- Hurffville

Mantua United Methodist

First United Methodist- Williamstown



Other Churches in Pitman…

Inclusion of these facebook pages on our website is not intended to be an endorsement of all of these church’s activities or theological beliefs. But, we’re brothers & sisters in Christ and what we share in common overwhelms our differences.

Not all churches have a Facebook Page, and some of them can’t be loaded here. But here’s a glimpse of what’s happening around town…


Pitman Presbyterian Church

First Baptist Church

Church of the Nazarene

Church of the Good Shepherd


Social Media Feeds Page



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