How’s Your Prayer Conditioning?

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It’s that time of the year again.  All winter, that little switch on your thermostat has been in the “Heat” position.  It’s been cold outside, and when it gets too cold that comforting rush of warm air blows out of the vent.  And recently, we’ve been in that in between time of the year.  The HVAC system is silent.  You can even move that switch to the center position.  The one that says “Off.”

But the seasons are changing.  It’s that time of the year again.  The humidity is rising, the sun is hot, and the air is stifling.  You need your system to drive the temperature down.  So gingerly, for the first time of the year, you move that switch from “Heat” to “Cool.” You lower the thermostat setting… and wait…

What’s going to happen?  Will it work?  Will the compressor run?  Will it blow a fuse like it did last year?  Did the refrigerant leek out over the winter?  Did the motor starter capacitor blow?

Is my system ready for this new demand, or will I need to call Walt (sorry, shameless plug for our local HVAC guru- who is also a PUMC’er)…

= = =

It’s that time of the day again.  Rush hour.  You’ve got places to go… and so does everyone else.  Traffic is heavy, but there’s no need for what that guy just did!  There was room behind you but he just HAD to pull out in front of you, forcing you to hit your brakes. 

What’s your reaction?  Do you get hot with anger?  Do your curse?  Do you pump up your pride and say “I’d never do a thing like that!”???

Jesus tells us to “Love our Enemies.”  Paul tells us to “Pray without ceasing.”

It’s not love if we react in anger to someone’s mis-deeds.  It’s not praying if we’re depicting someone with “colorful metaphors.”   It’s our conditioning that causes us to fire verbal assaults at that unknown driver.  It’s the conditioning that has us in a hurry; that leads us to be thinking about the things we need to do instead of about the people we’re with. 

= = =

Did you thank God for your wife as you said goodbye at the door?  Did you notice the blue sky and red roses as you backed out of your driveway?  Are you thankful for your job?  When you have these moments, you’re praying.  You’re exercising your “Prayer Conditioner.”

It’s prayer that conditions us for the heated moments of life.  The habit of prayer keeps us in contact with God and keeps our minds in a place where they won’t leap out in anger… even when another driver cuts us off.

What do you think about in those moments when nobody’s pulling out in front of you?  What do you notice in your surroundings when everything is calm?  Turned inward, your mind will be conditioned to leap out in anger when the calm suddenly stops.  Turned outward, your spirit will be conditioned to thank God in any circumstance.

At any moment, that thermostat switch is going to be changed.  How’s your Prayer Conditioning?


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