PUMC Counts Down the Top 10 Hymns! (5/13/18)

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For two weeks leading into Mother’s Day 2018, there was a strange insert in the bulletin.  Now, to be honest, most of us probably don’t real all of the inserts that fill our bulletin.  For the most part, we want the order of worship, any printed liturgy, the sermon title, and scripture.  We leave all of the other stuff to read until we get home… or until it’s replaced by next week’s bulletin.

But this particular insert demanded a response.  Not so much with words and instructions, but with blank lines.  It was simply labeled “PUMC’s Top 10”, followed by ten lines numbered 1 through 10.

Our hymnal contains over 650 pages of hymns.  In addition, there are other songs that are not included our current edition of the hymnal, but they’re sure in our memory.  So- what are your top ten favorite hymns (or “praise choruses”)?

In preparation for our Mother’s Day service (on 5/13/18), we took a poll to see which hymns were our church’s top Ten favorites.  In reverse order (to build suspense), here are the results
(click on each tab one by one to view the title, click on the title for more about the song)…

Click the “10” tab to start your own countdown…

In the Garden     (only 1 vote separated “In the Garden” and “How Great Thou Art”!)


How Would YOU Rank Them?

The top ten was based on votes coming from the “live congregation.”  But for our “online congregation”- you have a chance to weigh in too!  The Top Ten are already selected, but how would you order them?  In the poll below, pick your favorite hymn.  If you’re torn between two of them, pick two titles.  Or, if you’re REALLY torn between several, pick your top three. 

=   =   =   =   =   =   =

In May of 2018, we polled the congregation for their favorite ten hymns. Of the ten hymns listed below, which is your favorite? If you can't decide, you can pick up to three titles.


If your favorite hymn (or praise chorus) isn’t in the list, feel free to post a comment below (give the title, where you would rank it, and any other comments about what the song might mean to you)…


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