Pre-School Celebrates Graduation of Four-Year Olds (5/24/18)

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Thursday May 24 was a special day in the life of our church: The annual graduation program for the Our Father’s House Preschool.

About 50 four-year olders (“Pre-K”) sang a selection of songs to show what they’ve learned throughout the year and then received their diplomas.  This was one of Our Father’s House’s largest classes ever!

Parents and grandparents packed the sanctuary, holding their cell phone cameras high to capture memories with videos and photos.

Then, it was off to Atkinson Park and time to Party!




It’s was a special time for the teachers and staff of Our Father’s House…




A Special Time for the Parents and Families…

Thoughts like the following must have been bouncing through the minds of the proud parents as they watched their children:

“Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought our son home from the hospital?” “I can remember our daughter’s baptism as if it were yesterday!” “Where did the time fly???”

And so, it was more than simply a graduation program; it was a celebration of life and a milestone of maturity.


A Special Time for the Children…

But most of all, this was all about the children of Our Father’s House.



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To learn more about the Our Father’s House preschool: Our Fathers House

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