Greater NJ to Conference in May (5/22/18)

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As we approach Pentecost Sunday… it must be that time of the year again: Annual Conference!

The United Methodist Churches of “Greater” New Jersey are connected together; we share resources and best practices. We learn from each other.  We make decisions that affect the whole body.

Once a year, the “Greater New Jersey” Conference of the worldwide United Methodist Church gathers in Wildwood NJ to vote on legislation, and to worship, study, and ordain new Deacons and Elders. 

Each local church sends “delegates” to the conference; generally one clergy member (the pastor) and one Lay Member (the person who has been chosen by that church as their Lay Member to Annual Conference).  The intent is to have an equal number of clergy and lay delegates present during the conference.

The conference is presided by the Conference’s bishop.  In our case, that is Bishop John Schol.  The conference begins on Sunday May 20 and adjourns on Tuesday May 22

The theme of this year’s conference is,”Miracles Everywhere!

Here’s a rough outline of what happens during the conference:


Sunday (starts around 4 PM)…

  • Clergy and Laity sessions
  • Service of Ordination and Commissioning


Monday (5/21)

  • Communion on the beach
  • Praise and Worship service
  • Bishop Schol’s Episcopal Address (kinda a “State of the Conference” speech)
  • Making, Shaping and Engaging Passionate Disciples of Jesus Christ – Junius Dotson, General Secretary, Discipleship Ministries
  • Celebration of A Future With Hope Recovery Ministry and What’s Next
  • Vital Mission Partner Updates –  (Report about the missions of the Greater NJ Annual Conference)
    • A Future With A Future With Hope
    • Nehemiah Properties
    • The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation of Greater New Jersey
    • The Centenary Fund, United Methodist Communities
  • “Service of Passage” (retired pastors “pass the baton”to the newly ordained clergy)
  • Our Global Partners – (Reports on Global Missions)
    • Bishops Hector Ortiz, Methodist Church of Puerto Rico
    • Mande Muyombo, North Katanga Episcopal Area
  • More legislation /  More reports…
  • Workshops / Mission Project


Tuesday (5/22)

  • Communion on the beach
  • Praise and Worship
  • Eliminating Poverty – Susan Henry Crowe, General Secretary, Church and Society
  • Service of Remembrence (clergy and spouses who passed away during the past year)
  • Reading of the Appointments (Newly appointed pastors receive official letters of appointment)
  • Legislation
  • Adjournment

For additional details, you can access the entire itinerary and “pre-conference journal”:   Journal  


2017’s conference…

To get a flavor of what happens, take a look at the below post about last year’s conference…


The Conference will be live streamed (by the Conference… not by our own Live Stream system)…

Click the below button to watch the proceedings:

Conference Live Stream


For more details on this year’s conference, click this button: Miracles Everywhere   




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To learn more about our church’s connection with the Greater NJ Annual Conference, click this button:   GNJAC  


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