Turn your Trash into Treasure!

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We’re all great at collecting stuff.  We hang on to some of it because we think it might be of use someday.  Or, sometimes it’s laying around our homes because we just haven’t thrown it out yet.

Did you know that “stuff” like this can frequently be used to help people?  People with real needs?

A collection canister has been placed in the Narthex to turn Trash into Treasure; Treasure that can help the sick, children, and even Native Americans.

Here are the details on what’s being collected and how they’ll help…

Cancelled Stamps help Hospital Patents

Cancelled domestic and foreign stamps are sold to collectors.  This income is used to help persons without resources admitted to the Methodist Hospital, Philadelphia.  Here are some instructions:   

  • Please leave at least one-quarter inch margin completely surrounding each stamp.
  • No U.S. flags, Statue of Liberty stamps or metered stamps.

Can Tabs help Families with Seriously Ill Children

Aluminum can tabs from soda, vegetables, soup, and pet foods are collected by Ronald McDonald Houses that receive money from recycling centers.

The next time you drink a Coke or open a can of soup, break off the tab, gather them in a Ziplock bag, and bring them to church!



Box Tops help Native Americans

General Mills Box Tops for Education are each worth $.10.  That may not sound like much, but it all adds up! 

These box tops benefit the Southwest Indian Reservation School, in Peoria, Arizona.  This school is affiliated with World Gospel Misison (WGM) which also sponsors many of the missionaries that we support (Jim and Alice Vanderhoof, for example).




Do you have any of these items laying around?  Look for the canister in the Narthex and use it to turn your “Trash” into “treasure”!




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