PUMC Citizens Have a Blast at Citizen’s Bank Park! (6/30/18)

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The scoreboard welcomes all of the groups. Unknown to us in advance, the Nazarene church down the street also attended.

Throughout the year, PUMC’ers do a lot of serious stuff.  We make decisions about finances and HVAC systems.  We vote at Annual Conferences.  And we worship together.  We study the Bible together.  And we hold each other accountable. 

Being part of a church family depends on relationships.  And relationships are strengthened when you spend time together; doing things such as raking leaves, washing dishes, sitting on a bus on the way to Sight and Sound, or when you attend a Phillies Game together.  These “fun things” help us build relationships so that we can support each other spiritually.

On this last Saturday in June of 2018, about 30 PUMC’ers traveled to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play the Washington Nationals.  Phillies pitcher Vince Velaquez got knocked out of the game when a line drive hit him in his pitching arm.  But he had the determination to chase down the the ball after it bounced off his arm,  pick up the ball with his left hand and fire an opposite-handed strike to first base to record the out.  After the play, he collapsed in pain and the trainers ran out of the dugout to attend to him.

And- the Phillies ended up winning the game, 3-2!  And if that wasn’t  enough, the evening continued after the game with a fireworks display.

It was a memorable experience.  And the next time we’re serving in the food pantry, or worshiping together, or having heart-felt discussions about our faith, we will remember the evening we shared together at the ballpark.



We had great seats in the 2nd level which were between home plate and first base.  Here’s a taste of what we saw during the game…


And after the game, as the sun set over the left field wall, the fireworks began to boom and flash over the center field wall…


Our Church Van Delivers!

Just like the scare that was delivered when the line drive hit Phillies pitcher Vince Velasquez, PUMC received a scare a few days before the Phillies game when our van “died.”  It was being used during our Vacation Bible School.  Enroute to a nearby pool, the van suddenly lost all 12 volt electrical power and sputtered to a stop.  Thankfully, the sputter occurred close to our destination, and it was a walkable distance to the pool.


But a new alternator fixed the problem, and the van was again ready to take us to the Phillies game.  The traffic on the return trip was very heavy, but the van got us all home safely. 

The Lord provides!






If you’re interested in being part of next year’s trip to the Phillies game, check out the post that announced this year’s trip… 


We’re sponsoring our annual trip to the Phillies Game on Saturday June 30, at 6:05.   All are welcome to spend some time with your neighbors to enjoy some conversation, yelling (good Methodists never boo?!?), fly balls, hot dogs, and maybe even a Phillies victory! 

AND- there will also be a special display of fireworks and music after the game.

The final evening of our Vacation Bible School is on June 29; the day before the game.  So if you were part of the Vacation Bible School experience, this will be a good chance to continue the fellowship you experienced at VBS.

Our seats this year are located in section 313, and they cost $40 each.  The seats are located on the “terrace level” behind first base.  They’re upper deck, but they’re a perfect spot to view the game and fireworks! 

Pay by check (payable to PUMC), or cash to the church office, offering plate, or to Doug Pownall.  You may travel there yourself, or get a ride in the van.  If you need a ride, or have questions, contact Doug ASAP. 


  • Saturday, June 30
  • Game starts at 6:05 PM (Church van will depart from PUMC at 3:45)
  • Tickets- $40.
  • Phillies vs. Washington Nationals
  • ALL are welcome!  Contact Church Office or see Doug Pownall
  • Ordering deadline:  May 21 (or as long as tickets remain)



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