Unbottled Support for Babies! (5/13/2018)

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Words like “Choice”, Life”, “Pregnancy”, and “Unborn” all conjure up political hot buttons.  These are all good God-given gifts that should be celebrated, but we sometimes tend to push them away because of the political divisions.  Starting on Mothers Day (May 13) and ending on Father’s Day (June 17), we will have an opportunity to support an effort which embraces these gifts without getting mired in the political debate. 

As in years past, “Baby Bottle” coin bottles were distributed to the congregation on Mother’s Day (5/13/18).  Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we will drop our spare change into these bottles and then return them to church on Sunday June 17 (Father’s Day).  The funds will help support a local organization called Choices of the Heart. 


Choices of the Heart

Depending on your political position, it’s possible that the word “choice” has a connotation that goes beyond its intended meaning.  Choices of the Heart is an organization which serves expectant women without offering or referring abortions.  On the other side of the spectrum, Choices of the Heart doesn’t protest at abortion clinics.  Their mission is simply to help expectant women become mothers to babies who are healthy, nurtured, and loved. 

Mission of Choices of the Heart:

The mission of Choices of the Heart is to empower women with the knowledge to make healthy life choices by replacing misinformation with a culture of truth.


Choices of the Heart has been in Washington Township for 22 years.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can leave entire families afraid, angry, and frustrated. Choices of the Heart offers them someone they can talk to, someone who cares, someone they can trust. The compassionate staff of Choices of the Heart listens to their concerns, and provides them with accurate and confidential information regarding every option available to them, in a nonjudgmental  manner.

Choices of the Heart offers a myriad of confidential services provided at no cost; including any necessary testing, total support through the pregnancy and beyond, parenting classes, and any necessary community referrals.  Choices of the Heart does NOT perform or refer for abortion.


The following “letter from a baby” was on a tag attached to the bottles which were distributed…

My mommy was scared when she found out she was pregnant, even though Choices of the Heart gave her an ultrasound and said I was healthy.  Because she was so afraid about her health, another clinic was going to remove me from her belly.  When she was in that office waiting, she got a text from Choices asking how she was doing.  I couldn’t have been happier!  That text made my mommy choose LIFE. 

You can help Choices save other babies like me by filling this bottle with change, bills, or checks and returning it in 2 weeks. 

And guess what?  My mommy wants the texts to keep coming!

To learn more about Choices of the Heart, check out their website:  Choices of the Heart     


How Can I Help?

Your participation in the baby bottle campaign is an easy way to support the life saving work of Choices of the Heart. Each PUMC  family is urged to take a baby bottle home, pray for the unborn as you fill the baby bottle with your spare change.  Then return your bottle to church on Father’s Day, June, 17.  Your change can change (and maybe even save) a life!



Choices of the Heart thanks you for your prayers and support. 

Choices of the Heart



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