PUMC’ers See Jesus! (4/11/18)

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A bus full of about 60 people saw Jesus on April 11! 

Well, in many ways we always see Jesus.  Technically speaking, on this day we saw Jesus; the current production at the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster PA.

The performances at Sight and Sound are legendary (if there ever was such a thing); live animals, computer graphics, and talented actors surround the audience in a way that brings everyone back to first century Israel.  Angels drop from the ceiling, raindrops fall, and the stage floor rises and waves as Jesus and Peter walk on the water.


Another “Show” about Jesus???

Over the years, a long list of movies and plays have been produced about Jesus.  But this production WAS different; it came from a different angle.  Instead of illustrating the life of Jesus with a chronological biology, this production started with a theme and then wove in the true accounts of Jesus’ life to show us who this Man (… and God) is all about. 

It didn’t focus on anger and violence when Jesus overturned the tables in the temple; it actually showed part of the scene in slow motion.  It didn’t show the flogging or nailing; it simply showed His cross being raised after He had been nailed to it.    It didn’t avoid portraying the “big scenes”, but its purpose wasn’t shock value.  The purpose was to show this Man’s commitment, obedience, and love. 

When you think of Jesus and the things He did, the word “Rescue” comes to mind.  He rescued Peter from the raging sea.  He rescued the woman accused of adultery from being stoned.  He rescued Lazarus from the grave.  The other theme is “Love.”   Jesus would (and will) leave the “99” to rescue the “1”.  If only one person needed salvation, Jesus still would have gone to the cross.

And so, yes- the 60 people who left PUMC on that bus saw a theatrical production named Jesus;  a Man who lived an eventful life on earth.  But, we also saw Jesus; the Savior who stands in our midst “even to the end of the age.”

Here’s a Sight and Sound video about the show…




The show (it sells the experience short to call it a “show”) ended around noon.  And being Methodists (mostly), we were hungry.  Fortunately, the Hershey Farm restaurant is just across the parking lot.  Seated at the “family style” tables, we were treated to a HUGE meal of home cooking.  It was topped off by some shoe-fly pie and ice cream.

And of course… there’s a long stream of gift shops upstairs.  Before boarding the bus, many of us left with souvenirs of CDs, shirts, candles, nick-nacks… and  even flowers.

But more than the stuff we brought home, we brought with us a new insight and love for our Savior.





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