Cub Pack 218 Celebrates during Blue & Gold Breakfast (4/7/18)

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Pack 218 Cubmaster Emily Luu

One of the great ministries of PUMC is to sponsor Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts.  On the morning of 4/7/18, Cub Pack 218 held its annual Blue and Gold breakfast.  This breakfast goes far beyond the pancakes, sausage, and french toast that the Boy Scouts served up.  The Blue and Gold breakfast is a celebration of a year of achievement, and it culminates in a “graduation” ceremony as the most senior Cub Scouts receive their “Order of the Arrow” award and join Boy Scouts Troop 55. 


Den by Den

Cub Scouts meet in “small groups” called dens; there is a separate den for each level.  Part of the Blue and Gold Breakfast is a celebration of awards and accomplishments for each den.  So, one by one, from youngest to oldest, members of each den took the stage while their leaders gave a summary of the year’s activities.  The Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Weebloes spent the year enjoying activities of learning and service….

Visit Gloucester County Animal Shelter…
Visit a Pitman town Council meeting…
Tour a firehouse and learn about our fire departments…
Plan a worship service (Duty to God Award)…
Plan a walkabout hike and service project…
Design a movie with a storyboard…




Order of the Arrow

After the celebration, the Blue and Gold breakfast takes on a more serious tone as the pack’s Weebloes receive their “Order of the Arrow” awards and then “cross over” into the Boy Scouts. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, the “Seven Virtues” are read as a corresponding candle is lit…

  1. Wisdom
  2. Courage
  3. Self-Control
  4. Justice
  5. Faith
  6. Hope Love


After the opening part, a touching moment of this ceremony occurs right before the scout steps on to the bridge to “cross over.”  At this time, the parents remove their son’s cub scout kerchief.  There is a sense that the boy had matured to the point where he can begin to take responsibility for himself.  He then crosses over the bridge without his parents.  When he reaches the other side, he is greeted by representatives of the Boy Scout Troop, and he is then presented with his new Troop 55 kerchief.

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The Blue and Gold breakfast is… well… a breakfast.  It’s also a time of ceremony, speeches, and awards.  But more than that, it’s a celebration of family.  A recognition of the achievements of children; an acknowledgement of the silent support of parents. 

And so, the breakfast wasn’t only about the kids who are members of Pack 218.  It’s also about the brothers, sister, friends, and grandparents.  A lot of pictures were taken and a lot of memories were made.


At the end of the event, parents posed with the newest members of Boy Scout Troop 55…


. . . . . . . . . . . .


Charter and PUMC

Another part of the morning happens without ceremony.  A representative of the Scouting Chapter was on hand, and she presented charter certificates to the leaders.  Two charters were given; one to the Cub Scouts (Pack 7218) and one to the Boy Scouts (Troop 7055).  The Girl Scouts and Brownies are a separate organization.

One interesting fact:  The Charters are actually presented to PUMC!  As the scout’s sponsoring organization, our church receives the charters. 

The church’s responsibility to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts goes far beyond simply providing a meeting space.  Through prayer, we are all partners with the Scouts.

Part of our purpose statement says: “…that we create a climate where spiritual growth can occur.”  This organization is an extension of PUMC’s ministry, and they contribute to the fulfillment of our mission.


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