PUMC Preparing to Hunt Easter Eggs! (3/31/18)

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Our ninth Annual Easter Egg Hunt will happen on Saturday, March 31 2018 from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Rain or Shine!  The eggs need to be picked up!!!

Our Hunt includes lunch, a special presentation and- of course- hunting for Easter Eggs!

Everyone is welcome.  No reservations or stuff like that.  Just hop on over to the church grounds and help us celebrate the wonder of Easter!


The Wonder of Easter

As Christians, Easter goes far beyond Eggs and Bunnies.  We believe that we are plagued by an inner disease that separates us from our Creator.  The Bible calls that disease “Sin.” Sin isn’t just a collection of violated rules; Sin is something we are.  Because of it, we’re doomed to an eternal separation from God.

BUT (one of the best words in the Bible!)… BUT, God sent Jesus to come to the earth, live a perfect life as a human, die on a cross to pay for our sins, and then demonstrate our restored eternal life with God by rising from the dead!  Easter is Resurrection Day.  Easter marks our exit from the life of sin into the eternal life of eternal fellowship with God. 

And so we celebrate Easter, and we do so in a lot of different ways.  Perhaps the most powerful ways involve prayer, scripture and worship.  But the symbols of Easter, even eggs, help us celebrate too.

We welcome everyone to join in that celebration!  During Lent (the 7 weeks leading up to Easter), our Celebration Schedule will be listed on the home page of our website.


Easter Eggs


An ancient Egyptian story of creation relates how the earth was hatched from an egg. Every spring the ancient Egyptians celebrated the world’s birthday by exchanging eggs. The Jews also use eggs in their celebration of the Passover. But to the early Christians, the egg reminded them of the resurrection of Christ, and Easter eggs were colored red to remind them of his blood shed on the cross. Russian Christians give beautifully decorated eggs as gifts to their friends with the joyous greeting, “He is risen!” to which the friends reply, “He is risen indeed!”


Here’s a report about our Easter Egg hunt from a few years ago…

Annual Easter Egg Hunt is All It’s Cracked Up to Be!!! (4/4/15)

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