What is UMCOR Sunday? (3/11/18)

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We’re all familiar with March 17; that’s the day that’s not superbowl Sunday where we wear green.  But a few days earlier, March  11, is a also a special day.  There’s no traditional color to dress in, but there’s a lot to be thankful for and to challenged by.

March 11 is UMCOR Sunday.


What’s UMCOR?!?

OK.  We all know about St. Patrick’s Day, and we might even know something about St. Patrick.  But that Sunday that comes six days earlier… most of us probably don’t know much about this thing called UMCOR.

UMCOR stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief

United Methodist Committee on Relief… Boring!!!   Sounds like another committee or church meeting.  What do they do, and why should I care???


Disaster Strikes!

We’ve seen it on TV.  Sometimes it’s in a different part of the country.  Sometimes it’s in a far away corner of the world.  Sometimes I’m familiar with the name.  Sometimes I can’t even pronounce it.  Hurricanes, mudslides, fires.  Life happens.  It’s too bad, but what can I do?  Unless it happens to ME, my only connection is to watch it on TV….

When disaster strikes anywhere on earth, so many of us watching the drama unfold on our television screens feel entirely helpless. We wonder how we can make a difference in the wake of such devastation. As responders around the globe scramble to help survivors; UMCOR is there, already organized and prepared to act immediately. UMCOR may be the most well known agency of the United Methodist Church around the world. We as United Methodists are privileged to be represented by UMCOR, our “boots on the ground.” Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, they rush in with aid. Along with providing food, clothing, shelter and medical care, UMCOR volunteers bring God’s love and compassion with them as they help survivors rebuild their lives. 

When Cyclone Dineo destroyed thousands of homes in Mozambique, UMCOR was there, helping the United Methodist Churches of Mozambique rebuild homes and infrastructure.
UMCOR is providing relief for the displaced families exhausted by the harsh living conditions they are enduring from the ongoing civil war in Syria.
UMCOR was in Texas and Louisiana before the floods of Hurricane Harvey struck last September; and UMCOR volunteers are still on the ground there working on relief and recovery efforts.
UMCOR was in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the islands of the Caribbean, providing immediate assistance following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. But a catastrophe of this size and magnitude will require UMCOR to be there for the long term as UMC conferences address the urgent needs of their individual communities. UMCOR will be with them every step of the way.
Teams of UMCOR volunteers (VIM) are still at the Jersey shore four years after Hurricane Sandy. GNJ’s “A Future With Hope”, a long term recovery ministry, is still working to rebuild , repair and renew these communities.


It’s Not What THEY Do- It’s What WE Do!

The response of UMCOR to disaster relief isn’t something they do, it’s something WE do. 

When we give to UMCOR we equip Christ’s body to serve in His name. Our support allows UMCOR to act as the hands, feet, and heart of Christ’s church moving toward the most vulnerable in their darkest days; our United Methodist compassionate response to human suffering.

Sunday, March 11th is UMCOR Sunday.  The prayers of United Methodists on March 11th, and our special offering for UMCOR are all about God’s people working together to accomplish something bigger than themselves. In so doing we can effect change in our state, in our country and around the world, all in the name of Jesus Christ. 

“If you’re an old time Methodist, you might remember that UMCOR Sunday” is what used to be called “One Great Hour of Sharing.”

A reminder that many of us need, however, is that the offering taken on this Sunday is the PRIMARY source of funding for UMCOR.

When we give to UMCOR projects throughout the year, 100% of that gift goes directly to relief. All overhead is funded by the offering that will be collected on UMCOR Sunday.


Our Gifts Enable Hands of Love

Here’s just one of many examples how our funding of UMCOR enables them to make a difference in the world’s real-life tragedies.  We’re all heard of Syria on TV, but here’s a video showing how we can make a difference through UMCOR:

For more examples, click this button:   UMCOR Stories  



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For more on how PUMC is making a difference through our connection with the United Methodist Church, Click this button: PUMC & UMC  





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