PUMC Participates in Pitman Volunteer Fair (1/27/18)

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One of the traditional ways of celebrating Martin Luther King Day is to give yourself in service to the community.  Our own community of Pitman and our own community of Pitman United Methodist Church cannot be the community of love and support that it is without

Kate Dilks and Carol Hubbard share in the Pitman Volunteer Fair

“volunteers”; people giving of themselves for the better good.
This year (on January 27, 2018) our town held a “Volunteer Fair” in our Borough Hall.  A wide variety of  organizations participated by telling their stories, and we also related some of the things we are doing to support our community.

Here are the details…


The Christian Education committee hosted at table at the Pitman Volunteer Fair on January 27, 2018 in Borough Hall. The goal of this event was to share about volunteer opportunities in our community. Members of the community were invited to come check out the tables hosted by various organizations to find volunteer opportunities they would like to become involved in. Our table, hosted by Kate Dilks-Bird and Carol Hubbard, shared five volunteer opportunities from our church, including:

  1. Scrappy Quilters
  2. Hooks and Needles
  3. Our Father’s House
  4. Not Ready for Prime Time Singers
  5. Pitman Food Pantry

(Click the above links to learn more about these ministries)


Information about these missions was shared, as well as how people can become involved. There was a great turnout at the event, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be out in our community sharing how God is working through our church. 


Click this link to learn more about the:  2018 Pitman Volunteer Fair


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For more on how PUMC is trying to be a “good neighbor” by participating with our community:  Neighbors  











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