What is Africa University?

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The United Methodist Church is a connectional church; local churches pull together and share resources to do things that are way too big for a single church to undertake.  How about ending malaria?  How about reducing malnutrition by offering masters degree education  in agriculture?  How about spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the continent of Africa?  Huge tasks!  But the United Methodist church is doing them.

Through what we call our “Shared Ministries”, the United Methodist church is doing all of the above through our support African University.  This university is based in Zimbabwe, but its reach goes far beyond the main campus.

Our Missions team recently put together the following report…




Why are we here?  The key part of our own church’s purpose statement says:

“That every person know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord…”

What we Do

  As members of Pitman UMC, we share our building with our community, and we reach out to share our faith and resources in many ways with those whose lives we are able to impact  locally and nationally.

And the United Methodist church’s purpose statement includes:

“..to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”

What we Do

 As members of the United Methodist Church we have the privilege of combining a portion of our resources with those of thousands of other UMCs, to impact lives globally. Indeed, the world is our parish.

Praise God for this awesome opportunity! We serve a faithful God! Look how far the Lord has taken us.

Located in Old Mutare, Zimbabwe, Africa University is the first fully accredited United Methodist related educational institution on the African continent.  The General Conference of the United Methodist Church established this University in 1992.  It offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in six faculties of learning:

  1. Agriculture and Natural Resources
  2. Education
  3. Health Sciences
  4. Humanities and Social Sciences,
  5. Management and Administration,
  6. Theology

The Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance offers post graduate diplomas and masters programs.

In addition to its role in education, Africa University exemplifies its Christian values by  investing in missionary activities such as teaching, mentoring and supporting students, and reaching out with help to those in need.

Africa University is an important partner in making the eradication of malaria a reality; and is poised to deliver critical data for reducing malaria deaths and provide new knowledge for controlling mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit.

As Africa University celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year, it is home to 2000 students from 29 countries. The needs and challenges of these students are as diverse as their backgrounds. Scholarships enable young African men and women who have the potential to succeed but are without sufficient financial resources to acquire a first rate university education. These students work hard to accomplish their goals and will ultimately return to their countries to make a positive impact on countless African lives.

Despite the economic challenges facing countries like Angola and Nigeria, and recent developments in the governance situation in Zimbabwe, Africa University continues to operate effectively and without interruption. Contributions from the United Methodist Church have helped AU to launch new programs and enhance its infrastructure so that the students and faculty can continue to innovate and improve the quality of life in African communities.

Today, Africa University continues to be the evidence of faith, hope, and belief in the visions of dreamers. There is no doubt that through God’s grace we United Methodists can do great things.


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