Women Selling Chili to Warm Things Up (1/7/17)

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Chilly???  Or- downright Freezing???    

Our chili will warm you up!

The United Methodist Women are having a chili sale on Sunday, January 7. The idea of selling chili is a tradition started by the Wesleyann Circle more than 40 years ago. This year’s sale is dedicated to the women of the Wesleyann Circle both past and present. The proceeds of this sale will benefit the missions of the U.M.W.

Orders forms are in the Narthex and are due January 1 to any U.M.W. member. The cost is $9.00 a quart. You can pick up your chili on Sunday, January 7 after either service.  


Here’s a “reasonable facsimile” of the order form.


UMW Chili Sale

_______      Quarts at $9.00 each

_______$   TOTAL

Chili will be available on Sunday Jan. 7 after both services.  Thank you for your support!



NAME _____________________________________________________


PHONE  ____________________________________________________



  • Orders Due:   by Monday January 1
  • Chili Pickup:  Sunday January 7



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