Daily Bible Reading Plans for 2018 are Ready! (12/23/17)

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It’s almost New Year’s Day.  As 2018 rolls around, what new habits are you going to develop which will bring you closer to Christ?

Habitually reading the Bible is probably one of the best habits you can get into. 

To help with this, we have created a  new page on the website called “Daily Bible Reading Plans.’  You can access this page  using the “News”  menu (it’s under the “Daily Devotionals”… they’re a good combination…).  We’ve created four different plans. 

There are plans in the back of most Bibles.  They are usually designed for reading the entire Bible in a year, and they force you to read 2-3 chapters of cubits, begats, and grain offerings every day.  By the time you hit Exodus’ instructions for building the Ark, your eyes are probably glazing over and you’re ready to start a new resolution… next year.

Instead of trying to get you through the entire Bible in one year, these plans are intended to give you a chance to simply get into the habit of opening your Bible every day.  They won’t take you through the whole Bible;  they are only one chapter a day!

The plans on Daily Bible Reading Plans page are supplied in the form of pdf files.  These files are meant to be printed out, cut out, and stuck in your Bible.  Use them like bookmarks and read the chapter scheduled for each day.  The chapters are “pretty much” in the order they appear in the Bible, but we have re-arranged things a bit in order to put things in chronological order and to help connect passages with their historical context. 

So, check out the four plans and see if one of them will work for you  in 2018.

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The Daily Bible Reading Plans page is under the “News” Menu.  You can also go to it by clicking this button:

Daily Bible Readings


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