Preschool Teaches The True Meaning of Christmas (12/7/17)

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On Thursday December 7, the Pre-K classes of our Our Father’s House Preschool presented their annual Christmas Pageant.  Mary, Joseph, Friendly Beasts, Shepherds, Wise Men, a Star, and even a pajama girl gathered around the manger to welcome the Baby Jesus.   About 50 children participated, and the sanctuary was filled with proud parents pointing their cell phone cameras towards their youngsters.

To those who have supported Our Father’s House by attending these annual pageants, this year may have seemed like many others.  And yet- notice the date: this occurred on December 7 (“the day that will live in infamy”- as FDR predicted during his speech to congress on 12/8/41).    Perhaps the coincidence of this date should give us pause and beckon us to wonder: is there something special?  Is there something I need to remember from this pre-school Christmas presentation?

The music and the story it portrayed were all familiar.  The pageant opened with songs like “Mary Had a Baby” and “Shepherds Came to See Him”… songs, costumes, and props that reminded us of the familiar Christmas story.  But the pageant also included a Drummer Boy proclaiming his praise.  It included songs like “GO Tell it on a Mountain!” and wrapped up with “This Little Light of Mine (I’m gonna let it Shine)”. 

More than just familiar nursery songs or a well-worn story from the Bible. 

We were reminded that we too need to proclaim God with our own “drums.”  That we are to go forward, changed.  That we too are called to “shine our light” as we reflect God’s glory and righteousness.

“A child shall lead”… once again we were reminded of the “True Meaning of Christmas”!


A Taste of Wonder

Below are some photos that provide a taste of this special morning…

And here’s a video of the children singing “This Little Light of Mine”…



The True Story of Christmas

Here’s part of the program which was handed to all who attended…

Pitman United Methodist Church

Our Father’s House Preschool

Pre-K Classes

Presents to the Glory of God

The True Story of Christmas

December 7, 2017, 10:00 A.M.


  1. O Come Little Children
  2. Knock! Knock! Knock!
  3. Friendly Beasts
  4. Mary Had a Baby
  5. Angels Sang a Song
  6. Shepherds Came to See Him
  7. Go Tell it on the Mountain
  8. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  9. Wisemen Brought Him Gifts
  10. Joy to the World
  11. The Little Drummer Boy
  12. Away in the Manger
  13. Happy Birthday to Jesus
  14. Come on Ring the Bells
  15. This Little Light of Mine
  16. Silent Night
  17. We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

 = = = = =

We dedicate our program today in memory of our dear friend,

Yogi, the Our Father’s House “Crossing Guard” in his famous thanksgiving Turkey Hat.

“Mr. Yogi.”

Yogi, ostensibly our crossing guard, greeted our kids with a joyous fist bump, a joke, and a big warm simile as they entered the building.


Yogi passed away last year, and his presence is sorely missed.




Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace among men with whom God is pleased!

– Luke 2:14

Our Father’s House wouldn’t be the powerful force for God’s Glory that it is without our Children, their parents, and our teachers and volunteers. 

The Teachers of Our Fathers House who participated in the pageant:

  • Mellissa Pennington
  • Kim DeAngelo
  • Christy Aponte
  • Emily Bowen-Ashwin



And, special thanks for this program is due to our Director Eileen Salmon, and our Pianist “Mr. Mike” who show their love and guidance to our children day in and day out.


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