Yard Sale & Breakfast to Support Church in Mexico (10/28/17)

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As you look through the calendar, you’ll notice that there are many repeats; things you do every year.  Is it worth doing the same things over and over?  The things we do “over and over” are things we are committed to; things we have raised to a higher priority.  After all, you celebrate Christmas every year. You probably follow pretty much the same routine and traditions every year.  But you do that because you’re committed to family and to the celebration of Jesus’ entry to our earth.

And so, “here we go again”…

Yes- every April and October we throw a Breakfast Buffet while hosting a yard sale in order to raise funds for La Palmilla.  Yes- we ARE committed to our mission to the United Methodist Church in La Palmilla Mexico.


  • Saturday October 28
  • Breakfast Buffet: 8:00 –  11:00 AM
  • Yard Sale:  8:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Proceeds:  For the building project of the United Methodist Church in La Palmilla, Mexico.



Here’s the post about the Breakfast / Yard Sale which was held in April…


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For more about our mission to La Palmilla Mexico, click this button:  La Palmilla  




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