PUMC Stepping into Generosity (11/12/17)

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We’re “Blessed to be a Blessing.”  That’s the title of a song the choir often sings.  How are we blessed?  Or, maybe more importantly, what or whom do we bless???  In order for us to grow as Christians, to whom do we need to give? 

Finance Committee


The Budget


The Methodist Church, inc



Yes! But what does that mean? We give to “be partakers in the building of the Kingdom.”

But what does THAT mean?

We serve a generous God (just think about John 3:16 for a while…).  Our goal as Christians is to become more like God; to allow Him to mold us into His image.  A big part of God’s “image” is generosity.


Pastor Jim wrote the following introduction for a recent edition of The Steeple Notes (our monthly newsletter)…

Stepping in Faith is the title of for this year’s stewardship program for the 2017 ministry support of Pitman United Methodist Church. It is an expression of what we believe should happen when God’s people are asked to respond in a biblical manner to the ministry opportunities of the church.


Budget, Schmudget!  Christians NEED to Give to Grow!

In year’s past, we have prepared a budget and then asked the congregation to subscribe to it. This year, we are changing the order. We are asking the church to respond with commitments and then the Finance Committee will prepare a budget, spending plan for those  commitments. This approach takes the focus off the need of the church to receive funds and puts it where it rightly should be according to the Bible. The focus should be on the need of the giver to give.

When presented with this plan, the leadership of our church responded enthusiastically, and we hope you will too. It is a change, but we believe it is a healthy change. In fact, it is a natural expansion of what we have done for the past few years, and we plan to continue this approach in the future. For too long, we have been tempted to place to much emphasis on success based on whether we subscribed our budget. Success is better measured when God’s people are given a chance to grow and respond in faith to do so. Transformation is the key.


Giving- Personal Relationship to God

How much do you need to give? That’s between you God. Prayer should be the focus as you seek the answer to this question. There are people in our church that can only grow one or two steps and there are others that can grow much more than that – but don’t lose focus.

It’s not how someone else will respond or what the church needs you to do. The issue is what you need to do in the stewardship of what God has blessed you with – to make an offering that would be pleasing and acceptable to Him.

It is an exciting time in the life of Pitman United Methodist church. Will you take the next step in faith with us?


Generosity Sunday

During the service on Sunday November 12, we’ll have a chance to make a commitment to our giving.  Ok, not an absolute firm-as-concrete promise (our home financial situation is subject to change)… but between you and God- what’s your goal for how you share the resources He has blessed you with? 

Yes, the “commitment” will come in the form of an “Estimate of Giving” card.  We’ll be asked to give an dollar amount estimate for the coming year.  But deeper, and more importantly than that; what is our commitment to God?  Where does becoming more like Christ fit into our list of priorities? 

This exercise of completing a “Card” will give us a chance to consider our own commitment to the Call of God.  It takes faith.  Are we ready to take the next step?



In preparation for Generosity Sunday, we have been following Bishop Robert Schnase’s 4-week devotional (“Extravagant Generosity”).  Copies of this book were made available to everyone in our church family, and we’ve been discussing them in our small groups.  The below post gives more information on this devotional (daily schedule & prayer concerns), and it also includes a video of Bishop Schnase’s sermon on generosity.


Pastor Jim recently wrote the following Steeple Notes article about “The Grace of Giving”…






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