PUMC to Celebrate Anniversary! (10/29/17, 10:15 AM)

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Back in November of 1885, the PITMAN GROVE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH was organized. From that small beginning of 43 members, we have grown into what is now the “Pitman United Methodist Church.”

It’s our birthday and we are now 132 years old!

This Sunday happens to be the 5th Sunday of the month; we’ve been holding single services on these Sundays (one service at 10:15 instead of services at 9:30 and 11:00).  So on October 29 we’ll celebrate our anniversary by holding a single service at 10:15.


And- since we’re Methodists, and Methodists are well-known for their covered dish meals- we’ll throw a luncheon immediately after the service!  So, on Sunday October 29,  we’ll follow a special schedule:

  • Sunday October 29, 2017  
  • 10:15 AM    Worship Service
  • 11:15’ish     (depending on the length of Pastor Jim’s sermon…
                          Lunch in the Fellowship Hall


The church will provide meat and beverages for the lunch.

However, if you can, please bring a covered dish of some sort.

We will return to our regular 9:30/11:00 schedule next week.



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