Rev. Dave Bailey to Visit PUMC (9/17/17)

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Think back to 1964… 53 years ago…  Teenagers were in rebellion against their parents and against authority in general.  They were we experimenting with drugs.  They were getting in trouble with the law.  They were slipping away from the moral foundation that their parents provided.

1964.  How things have changed…  Or have they???

Rev. Dave Bailey

In 1964, something else happened.  Our Associate Pastor, Rev. Dave Baliey, left PUMC and started a ministry in Alloway, NJ  (about 20 minutes southwest of Pitman).  That ministry was called Ranch Hope, and the hope that motivated Rev. Bailey to open Ranch Hope continues to abound today.  As in 1964, Ranch Hope continues to provide an escape from the dangerous cycles that threatened our children in 1964 and continue to threaten them today.

Ranch Hope is a school for “Troubled Children.”  Kids (ages 9-16), usually referred by the state, come to live at the Ranch, attend their school, and to break away from a spiral that is destroying their lives.  Instead, they find love, support, purpose, and God.  They find Hope.

Rev. Bailey isn’t as deeply involved in the day to day details of running Ranch Hope as he once was.  But the Ranch, the potential of these kids who have been dismissed as “troubled”, and his love for our redeeming Savior continue to be his passion.

As PUMC continues to look at the missions we support, Rev. Bailey will visit us on Sunday, September 17 to update us on Ranch Hope and to share his passion for the work of Jesus Christ.



Ranch Hope in the 1960s

Here’s a video about the history of Ranch Hope that’s on the Ranch Hope website ( ) :


Ranch Hope in 2017

Here’s an update about Ranch Hope which was published in our March issue of Steeple Notes (our newsletter)…

PUMC Participates in Giving Hope…

John Shaerer, PUMC member and vocalist, was also a teacher at Ranch Hope.

A local ministry supported by some of our Shared Ministry dollars, Ranch Hope has been near and dear to our hearts for 53 years. In 1960, while Rev. Dave Bailey was an Associate pastor here at PUMC; he began working with troubled boys; frequently taking them into his own home because they had nowhere else to go. Rev. Dave and his wife Eileen put their trust in God to lay a foundation of hope for the boys He called to their care.  

In 1964 their ministry to troubled youth became Ranch Hope in Alloway. Through all of these years PUMC congregants have volunteered countless hours working in various capacities at Ranch Hope. We continue our very close ties with Ranch Hope today, as we also support them with our prayers and benevolence offerings.


Hope’s Mission: The Transformational Power of Christ…

Ranch Hope’s mission is to be mentors, educators, counselors, and resources to children and families in need through the transformational power of Jesus Christ. Ranch Hope is open to children of all religious backgrounds and is supported by all faiths. Referrals, usually from state agencies, are accepted for children aged 9 to 16, who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems to the extent that they require temporary removal from the community. The average length of stay is 18 months.


Residential Treatment Center Breaks the Cycle of Despair…

Ranch Hope’s residential treatment center in Alloway is always filled to capacity; however, they always have the ability to provide emergency and/or temporary care to troubled boys 24 hours a day. Through these 53 years Ranch Hope has grown dramatically. The Strang School in Alloway provides special education and vocational training to the young men living at Ranch Hope, as well as day students from local school districts. Ranch Hope is also affiliated with the Midway School in Lumberton. This special education K-12 school provides services to handicapped students.

Ranch Hope’s Independent Living Program features ranch style homes, each housing three young men, to prepare them for life away from Ranch Hope.


Project Hope…

Project Hope is a challenge course designed to enhance the personal goals and objectives of the young men by offering inventive games and high rope challenges. Project Hope also serves school groups, church youth groups, scout troops and adults. Throughout the summer months, Ranch Hope hosts a variety of day camp experiences and activities including the Harvest of Hope, a six week day camp program for the children of migrant workers.


The Ranch Plants Seeds, God Causes them to Grow…

Underlying the educational, vocational, and recreational training at Ranch Hope is a strong commitment to Christian principles based on Paul’s letter to the church in Rome; “We then that are strong, ought to bear the infirmities of the weak.”

Rev. Dave Bailey writes: “Somewhere on the Ranch Hope campus, staff members are planting seeds. With careful nurturing these seeds will begin to change the hearts and minds of the children we serve. We are so thankful that you share in our love and concern for rebuilding the lives of these troubled young people. Thousands have been touched and have grown in our Lord Jesus Christ. All of these successes have taken place thanks to your continued prayer and generous continuous support of the Ranch Hope ministry.”


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To learn more about Ranch Hope, click this button:   Ranch Hope  

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