PUMC Using Daffodils to Fight Cancer! (3/19/17)

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Spring is arriving!  And one of the first tastes of the new season is the emergence of those yellow flowers through the soil.  Daffodils!  They’re beautiful, they are harbingers of warmer weather, and- they can be used to fight one of the deadliest diseases afflicting mankind; Cancer. nature flowers daffodil

We’re selling mini pots of daffodils to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

The daffodil pots are being sold for $10 each.  A nice round number.  But note that we’re able to purchase these flowers for only $2.40.   So $7.60 will be donated to the American Cancer Society for every pot you purchase.  Not bad.  And, these yellow flowers will spruce up your home and help you feel a bit more hopeful and warm during our next snowstorm…

The order forms are in the bulletin.  Or you can print out this post and cut out the below form. 

________ Mini-Daffodil Pots ($10 / pot)


In Memory of:  ____________________________________________________


In Honor of:  _____________________________________________________


$__________  Additional donation to the American Cancer Society


Name:  _________________________________________________________  


Phone #: ____________________________


I will pick them up after the 9:30 service:       YES        NO   (circle one)


Orders are due by Sunday March 12.  Checks must be made out to
Pitman United Methodist Church- Daffodils“. 

Drop the form and your check (cash is ok too!) into the offering plate, or turn it into the office, or- see Cindy Pownall or Helen Scaletti.

Flowers can be picked up after church on Sunday March 19. 


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