BLAST- Feed and Games! (2/20/17)

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Our Youth Group keeps active in many ways.  Sometimes it’s all Fun and Games.  Other times, it’s expressing God’s love through some serious (but fun) service.

BLAST celebrated this Presidents Day weekend in typical fashion.  First by having some “Where’s Waldo” fun at the Deptford Mall on Sunday.  And then on Monday by serving breakfast at the New Visions Day Shelter in Camden.


Where’s Waldo?

The Deptford Mall is a familiar place for most of us who live in the Pitman area.  You go there with friends or family, wander around, and maybe buy some stuff.  You might run into someone you know, but usually you’re there with the people you came with.

But on Sunday, there were some “Plants” at the Mall.  It wasn’t a typical trip to the Mall; we kept running into PUMC members.  And, they weren’t dressed in their normal “Church” garb;  We searched high and low to find our fellow church-goers in a mall-wide game of Where’s Waldo! The familiar faces were hidden by some . . . unfamiliar clothes . . .


BLAST encounters Civil War Nursing Aide who resembled Sue Simmons

Except for the uncharacteristic scowl, this dinosaur looked a lot like Stef Kier


New Visions Shelter

On Monday morning, we traveled to Camden to help feed the homeless at New Visions Day Shelter.  We spent the morning flipping pancakes and dishing out yogurt to over 80 guests.

Maybe Monday’s event was a bit more serious than Sunday’s Waldo event, but it was equally as fun with the bonus of serving others! It a return trip for us, as we had visited them in July of 2016 and in December of 2015, and we were excited to visit some old and new friends! 

Click this button to read about our 2015 visit:   New Visions 2015  


Here are a couple of pictures of BLAST in action during this Presidents Day visit…



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