Weekly Bulletin Quiz! (10/15/17)

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Every week, our office pulls together information that is submitted for publication and then develops bulletins that are handed out in church.  These bulletins are more than a simple “program” to guide you through the worship service; they are “chock full” of nuggets that can carry you through the week.  The bulletin contains announcements, prayer lists, and even a “Bible Bulletin” section that gives a quick study on a particular topic or Bible book.

But do we read our bulletins?  What happens to them after the service?  Many of us fold them up, stick them in a pocket, and then throw them out when we get home.  Some of us leave them in the pew or hymnal. 

Did you read your bulletin this Sunday?

As a regular (or “semi-regular”) bonus feature for our website readers, we’re posting a fun-doesn’t-count-for-a-grade quiz about Sunday’s bulletin and about things around PUMC in general.  Even if you weren’t in church this Sunday or if you don’t attend our church, give the quiz a shot.  You might be surprised what you may learn about PUMC, your own church, or even yourself!


Here it is:  This Week’s Quiz!

The following questions come from this week’s bulletin (or from the website).  Grab your bulletin (if you have one) and try the quiz! The score will appear after you answer all of the questions, and you’ll be able to review the quiz when it’s over.






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  1. Christopher Valianti

    I missed 2. Whomp, whomp, whomp

  2. Jane Pape

    Great service Blast! Enjoy watching Lauren and Carolyn continue to grow in their journey with
    Songs were great and Travis did a terrific job, be proud buddy.
    Kate your doing wonderful work. Thank you !

    NOTE: This comment was in response to the live stream of the service on 8/27/17.

  3. Christopher Valianti

    Ok, I got 2 wrong, however I was in Mexico so I think that is pretty good.

  4. Jane Pape

    So I am early for church/ streaming–so I thought I would do the bullitin quiz
    Realized I can’t do it till I listen to the sermon/ that is a good thing.

    • Chuck

      Tip- All of the answers are in the bulletin (mostly from the “Weekly Events” section, and the others from the “Order of Worship” section). Anything taken from the “Order of Worship” section appears in both the 9:30 and 11:00 bulletins.
      So you don’t “Have” to listen to the Live Stream. But thanks for giving the quiz a try and for commenting!

  5. thuocxuongkhop.vn

    Asқing questions аre genuinely good thing if you are not understanding
    ѕomething fully, but thiѕ post offers pleasant understanding еven.

  6. Christopher Valianti

    9 out of 10 this week. I’m on a roll

  7. Debbie

    wasnt in church today due to recovering from surgery but got 7 out of 10 right seems pretty good to me. I do miss not being able to attend but in time.

    • Chuck

      Sorry you haven’t been able to get out, but glad you’re on the mend. Notice that we are live streaming the services now- look for the “Live Stream” button on the top of the home page. And hey- 7 out of 10 isn’t bad considering that you didn’t have a bulletin!
      Take care- hope to see ya soon!

  8. Jane Pape

    Not to bad as I was not in church, I only had three wrong and they are about the bullitin and sermon,

  9. Chris Valianti

    I got 10 out of 10 right. Yay me!

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