BLAST Getting Ready to Advance! (1/13/17)

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Our Youth Group (BLAST) is ready to take off into their Midwinter Advance.  What’s the Midwinter Advance?  First of all, it is probably more commonly known as a “retreat,” but we  always want to look forward so we’ve latched on to the now cliche term “Advance” instead of “Retreat.”  The Advance will be held at America’s Keswick in Whiting, NJ during the weekend of January 13-15.

In preparation for this weekend, our youth have been raising money to offset the cost (November’s Krispy Kream donut fundraiser was a big hit).



But what is the MWA???

The Mid-Winter Advance is a  special weekend directed at teens and young adults which gives them a chance to focus on their relationship with Christ and to build on it.  The weekend offers studies, workshops, and fellowship.  It’s a chance to learn, reflect, and make friends.

Registration for this weekend is so high that they have to offer 5 different weekends.  We’re going on Weekend #1.  To learn more about the MWA, check out their website: 

Here’s our day by day weekend schedule…

Friday Night (1/13)


Arrival/ Sign in at Raws


Assembly in Auditorium LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)


Discussion Groups led by College Team


Sharing Time with Youth Group


In Rooms, Quiet Time from 11:30pm-7:00am


Lights Out!

Saturday (1/14)


Breakfast in Raws


Assembly in Auditorium


College Team Discussion Time / Workshop 1


College Team Discussion Time / Workshop 2


Youth Group Sharing Time


Lunch in Raws


Counselor and Team Meeting


Tournaments, Games, Swimming (Free Time)


Dinner in Raws


“The Happening!” in Chapel LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)


Assembly in the Auditorium LIVE (WHEN POSSIBLE)


Snacks in Gym


Sharing Time with youth groups


Lights Out!

Sunday (1/15)


Sharing Time with College Team


Breakfast in Raws


Clean-up Time


Worship Service in Auditorium


Sharing Time with Youth Group


Bag Lunch pick-up


Departure for home (All groups must leave the Keswick premises)



+     +     +     +     +     +     +

To learn more about our Big Loud Awesome Spiritual time, click this button:   BLAST  



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