Thank You from the Gideons! (3/30/14)

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Chapel Bible _0728041326 x600Last month, Wayne Murphy, a representative from the Gideons visited our church and shared about his ministry in providing Bibles.  Because of our support for them, they will be able to deliver 27 Bibles (or 107 Testaments)  to a world hungry for God’s Word.



To learn more about the Gideons, check out their website.

Think of the Gideons the next time  you’re in a hotel room…

So how did this group get started putting Bibles in hotel rooms…. and why are they called the Gideons?

  • The name Gideons came from the leader named Gideon, whose story is told in Judges chapters 6 and 7. Gideon was a military leader who learned that it was God who accomplished much with little.  Gideon’s army was reduced and reduced by God until it was clear that it could only be that God was giving them the victory.
  • The Gideons were started by a group of businessmen who wanted to use their time and personal encounters while staying in hotels to witness their faith to fellow travelers.  The got the (crazy) idea of placing a Bible in every hotel room in the United States.  That “crazy” idea in 1908 turned out to be not so crazy afterall; 100 years later they have distributed over 1.8 billion Bibles worldwide.  The next time you stay in a hotel, you’ll probably see one of them!

For more information on the history of the Gideons, check out this message on their website:

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