Trunk or Treat Entertains 900 Guests at PUMC! (10/29/16)

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We opened our church for our annual Trunk or Treat on Saturday 10/29/16, and an estimated crowd of 900 people visited our parking lot and Fellowship Hall.  trunktreat16-banner-_img_3779Guests could wander through the parking lot to view a variety of decorated trunks, jump in our bouncy house, or just to wander around our grounds on a clear evening.  Families then headed inside the Fellowship Hall to bob for donuts, bowl, eat, or just to mingle with other kids and families.

Not only was a great opportunity for some family fun, it was a chance for our church to reach out and serve our community.



Most guest began their visit by checking out the decorated trunks that were lined up along our parking lot.  Visitors had the chance to vote for their favorite “trunk”, and pick up some candy from each “trunker” as they made their trek around the parking lot.

Here is a glimpse of the activity in the Parking Lot…



After viewing the trunks, visitors stepped inside to try some of the games in our Fellowship Hall.   And of course (being good Methodists!), food was always available!

Here’s a taste of the activities in our Fellowship Hall…






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The Trunk or Treat was organized by our Christian Education team (with the support of many PUMC members).  In additon to our Sunday School program, this ministry team also organizes events such as our Drive Thru Nativity, Easter Egg Hunt, and Vacation Bible School.

To learn more about our Christian Education opportunities, click this button: Christian Education







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