Single Service & Lunch Celebrate our Anniversary! (10/30/16)

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Sunday October 30 has two things about it that are special to PUMC:

Back in November of 1885,  the PITMAN GROVE METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH was organized.  From that small beginning of 43 members, we have grown into what is now the “Pitman United Methodist Church.”

It’s our birthday and we are now 131 years old!

It’s the 5th Sunday of the month!


So,coupled with something that’s true of us every day (we love to eat!), we’re all going to worship together during a single service and follow that worship service with  a luncheon.

Here are the details:

DATE:  Sunday, October 30  

TIME:  10:15 (One service of worship)

FOOD: Covered dish luncheon following the service

  • Sunday school will be held (for kids and youth) during the service.
  • The Potter’s Hand class will not meet.
  • The nursery WILL be available during the service.

Ham, beverages, and desert will be provided at the lunch.  If you’re able to bring some side dishes, please do so.


Building pre50s _Watson 400w

Pre-1950, Broadway & Holly

Pitman United Methodist Church (Broadway & Lambs Rd.)

2007, Broadway & Lambs Rd.








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