Parent’s Anonymous Group Begins Meeting at PUMC!

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Being a parent is probably the most important job you’ll ever have… and it’s the most difficult…


  • Do you have teenager?  Are you worried about what they’re tweeting or posting?  Are you suddenly in the throws of having to find a college and helping your teen get a driver’s license?
  • Or maybe your child is younger.  What do you do when the baby keeps waking you up throughout the night?  What do you do when your son is bullied at school? Where do you turn when your child is diagnosed with autism or ADHD?
  • Or maybe you’re in that older stage where your daughter has grown up and is in the process of spreading her wings and moving out on her own.  How much do you let go and how much do you protect???

The good news, is that you’re not alone!  Others are dealing with the same questions and are ready to lend their support; others have dealt with the same questions and are ready to offer advice.


Hope for When Parenting Gets Tough…

A new support group called Parents Anonymous has begun meeting at PUMC. (Note that this is not a ministry organized by PUMC, but we support them with our prayers and through the use of our building).

We meet on Thursday nights from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, and our meetings are held in the second floor of the Father-road-995343__180 400x300education wing (enter via the main doors from the parking lot and head up the stairs or elevator that are on your left).   During the meetings we support each other through difficult and happy times. It’s a safe place to vent life’s frustrations and try to brainstorm solutions. Parents Anonymous started many years ago as a way to prevent child abuse by parents supporting each other through challenges.

In addition to building a support network, we focus on exploring topics like ADHD, Oppositional Defiance, Mental Health, Social Media, Special Education & the IEP Process, We have partnered occasionally with NAMI, SPAN and we have done the Total Transformation System. We also try to go on local community outings.  So there’s a lot of trained expertise in this group that any parent can tap into.

Oh yeah- we also offer light refreshments during the meeting.

Parent’s Anonymous also offers a hotline, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

If you need help, call 1-800-THE-KIDS.


Child Care…

This is a group for parents, and many times we have young kids who need care during the meetings.  Well, we take care of that too!  Volunteers from our group provide child care (in the church near the meeting room); for kids 12 and under.


For More information…

Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings at any time.  For further details, contact one of the below:




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