Purple Potty Makes the Rounds for Malaga Camp!

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Summer is a great time, and all of us look forward to the change of pace and vacations.  Our Youth Group (BLAST) is especially looking forward to some special times at the Malaga Camp this summer.  Three different overnight “Camps” are being offered for BLAST (click the Purple Button to learn more about each camp):

  1. •   Sports Camp (Aug 7-14)                                                Info
  2. •   Music Art and Drama (MAD) Camp (July 31-Aug 6)   Info
  3. •   Middler Senior Week (July 17-23)                                Info

The “problem” is that these camps are kind of expensive.  Even though they are a great experience and include everything you’ll need for the weekend, it still costs a couple hundred bucks.


Enter… the Purple Potty!

Not being one to sit around without flushing out the problem, BLAST is raising scholarship money by working as plumbers!PurplePotty _IMG_3512

For the month of June, BLAST is hosting, The John on the Lawn, to raise funds for the youth of BLAST to go to Malaga Camp. Each night a purple potty will be placed on the front yard of a member of PUMC’s congregation.

If you wake up to see the Purple Potty on your lawn, immediately call one of our plumbers to have it removed.  Here are the “fees”:


Purple Potty Plumbing Policies

  • $10 to have the potty removedPurplePotty-Policies _IMG_3513
  • $15 to have the potty removed and sent to another home
  • $20 to have the potty removed, sent to another home, and insurance for the potty to never return



Yardwork and Beyond…

So keep your yard looking top notch this summer: weed ‘n feed, mow the lawn, spread some mulch.  And, call the BLAST Plumbers if a Purple Potty appears!  Not only will your lawn look nicer, but you’ll be helping us to have a memorable and enriching experience at Malaga Camp this Summer!


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This button will tell you more about our BLAST Youth Group:    BLAST


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