2016 Vacation Bible School Leads us out of Out of a Cave! (6/27 – 7/1)

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Vacation Bible School is always a highlight of the year at PUMC, and this year’s VBS was no different.VBS16 Entrance _Picture1
About 116 kids- from nursery through 6th grade (not to mention some “older kids” who are also known as adults), experienced the wonder of “Caving.” 
Life may be dark, but God is always inclining His ear to us and is ever ready to keep lifting us out of our pits.


Opening Worship…

Our “Cave Exploring” began each evening (6-8PM) in the sanctuary where we had a time of worship.  Instead of dwelling in our caves, we sang songs and looked to Clark Cavern (an aspiring caver) to lead us the caves.  Clark inspired and taught us by working through his troubles of trying to become a professional caver.  Kate (aka. Kate Dilks- our Youth Coordinator),  helped him to see how Jesus can help us through hard times.


Here’s a taste of our worship time…





Cave Expeditions…

After our worship we broke up into groups to learn about the “Quest” and to have some fun (and food) along the way…
Each group had a chance to experience the great outdoors (outside of the cave!) and to enjoy some Fun Caving Games.

VBS16 Outside _Picture18

One of the highlights in the Imagination Station was making “Cave Snot!”  “Cave Snot” is an obnoxious mix of glue, water, boric acid, and food coloring.  It reminds us of the “stuff” that drips from the stalactites of our lives.

VBS16 Buckets _Picture20


In the “kid vid cinema”, we met kids of all ages and saw how Jesus is helping them through hard times in their lives.

VBS16 TheaterRoom _Picture16

The Cavern Cafe served up a lot of tasty treats throughout the evening.

VBS16 Kitchen _Picture35

In Deep Bible Quests, we got to walk on water and see how Jesus helped people in Bible times through hard times.

VBS16 Boat _Picture14

Speaking of “walking on water,” while all of this was going on at the church, our 6th graders experienced a special time of “cave exploring” at the home of a nearby PUMC member (who was kind enough to share their pool)…

VBS16 Pool Group _Picture10



Afterwards, we all returned to the sanctuary to close out the evening with some more worship and some seriously awesome experiments to show how Jesus loves us and helps us.



Mission: Helping Others in Their Caves

Our mission this year was to raise school supplies, small toys, and money for Operation Christmas Child.  we raised between 400-450 items for the boxes and about 40 dollars to help shipping costs.  Here is some of the stuff that was donated..

VBS16 Sanctuary OpChristmasChild _Picture58 VBS16 Sanctuary OpChristmasChild _Picture56






To learn more about Operation Christmas Child, click this button: Operation Christmas Child




Photo Album…

A ton of pictures were taken during this one week wonder of cave exploration, and only a “few pounds” of them are shown above.  Here are some additional memories of this wonderful week of “Cave Exploring”…




Here’s the post that announced this year’s VBS…

Click here to learn more

Announcement Post


A storm hit Pitman during last year’s Vacation Bible School, and the lights went out.  Much of the area was without power for nearly a week. This year, we’re going focus on “The Light of The World” Christmas Eve15 Candle Closeup _IMG_2882and depend the Power of Jesus to lead us out of our darkness and difficult times.

Caves… they’re dark, scary, and they’re easy to get lost in.  They’re also a perfect metaphor for the stretches of life where there seems to be no hope.  When it seems that the lights will never come back on again.


Cave Quest…

Our theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School is called:

Cave Quest   CaveQuestLogo_LR 400x300

Following Jesus, The Light of the World





For a glimpse of the “Light”(and some cool music), check out this video …


When Is It???

Our Vacation Bible School is held during the evenings.  Things get started with a time of worship and music for the whole family, and then the kids break off into age-related groups to begin their quest from the “caves.”

Here are the who, what when where details…

  • DATES:  Monday June 27 through Friday July 1
  • TIMES:   6:00 PM until 8:00 PM
  • AGES:      Nursery through 6th Grade
  • WHERE:   Starts out in sanctuary, then moves to age-related locations.
  • COST:       Free!!!

Questing the Cave in a Pool!

Hey, this is VACATION Bible school!  We’re in the summer, done with school, and this is supposed VBS2015 - Pool _P6260011to be fun.  So, there’s something a bit special for the 5th and 6th graders; they will have their sessions at an offsite pool. 

So if you’re a 5th or 6th grader, bring your bathing suit and expect to have some good summer fun.

Transportation between the church and the pool location will be provided.



PUMC is committed to the idea that everything we have came from God; that He “lent” it to us so that we could use it to build His Kingdom and to help others.Operation Christmas Child- OCC-overview-story

So, our VBS will also feature an opportunity to help needy children attend school.  Every Christmas, our church contributes to the “Operation Christmas Child” program.  We pack shoeboxes full of items that will help a needy child.  So during our VBS, we’ll collect school supplies or small toys for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  We’ll also accept cash which we’ll use to purchase items.

Click Here to learn more about Operation Christmas Child.

=   =   =   =   =   =   =


How Can I Join the Quest?

Just show up!  You don’t even have to attend the whole week.  Come out on any of the nights and VBS2016-sign-steeple _IMG_3511you’ll be welcome to join us (if you haven’t registered yet, please drop by a few minutes early).

But… we’d always appreciate a heads up if possible.  So we are looking for pre-registrations, and there are two ways to do that…

  1. In Person.  Pick up a registration form (in the office, Narthex, or bulletin)
  2. Online.   Click the button below (the online registration deadline is June 20).

The following button will tell you more about the Cave Quest and let you register online:  VBS Registration


PUMC is currently working through the details to get all of the pieces together so that this year’s VBS will be a “rocking” success!  One of the things we’re doing now is to collect things like pencils, crayons, paper… things to make crafts with.   These items will be used throughout the week, and it’s one of the many details we need to nail down.VBS16 Shopping for Supplies _JA 400x300

But there’s joy in serving the Lord… and that’s not just a cliche!  One of our members took her daughters shopping, and they made the most of it.  Shown here is a dynamic duo of Cave Quest shoppers.  It was a family project.  Those straws and corn starch will help us find our way out of the Cave (or maybe even the Batcave)!

If you’re interested in helping with this year’s VBS or in contributing supplies, contact Stef Kier (VBS@PitmanUMC.org).



Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” 

John 8:12, NKJV

Jesus is the one who lights our way. He’s the one who gives us hope for each new day.

Light of the world!

Theme song


+     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

for more about our VBS program:  Vacation Bible School



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