Greater NJ Annual Conference Set to… Conference (5/22/16)

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We United Methodists operate in an environment of what we call The Connection; we’re not alone.  Together with other United Methodists we can pole our resources and accomplish much more for the building of God’s Kingdom than we could on our own.

Pitman United Methodist Church is a member of….

  • the Delaware Bay District…
  • which is a member of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference…
  • which is part of the Northeastern Jurisdiction…
  • which is part of the global United Methodist Church…
  • which is part of Christs’ Church… His Bride!

Once a year, the local churches which comprise the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference get together for a few days of “holy conference” voting and worship. This year’s annual conference will be held at the Wildwoods Convention Center from Sunday May 22 through Tuesday May 24 (1PM).  Representing PUMC will be Lay Members Jeremy Andrade and Larry Bakely, and our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jim Bolton.

Anyone can attend the annual conference. However, only pastors and Lay Members (“delegates”) may vote. Lay Members are chosen by the local churches during their annual Charge Conference meeting.


So What Happens?

Things run on a 4-year cycle that’s called a quadrennium.  We’re currently in the fourth year of this cycle; they’re timed just like the presidential elections or Summer Olympics.

Bishop John Schol. Rev. Jisun Kwak is in the background (on the right). During 2014 Annual Conference.

Last year, the third year, we elected delegates to the General Conference.  The General Conference is the entire world-wide Methodist Church; delegates from all over the world decide on possible changes to the Book of Discipline, the constitution, and other matters.

The General Conference meets in each “fourth year of the quadrennium.”  As Greater New Jersey prepares for its annual conference, the 2016 General Conference is just wrapping up.

This year, the fourth year, generally has a slightly lighter agenda.  We’ll hear from our delegates and learn what was decided during the General Conference.  We’ll also vote on possible nominees who will be considered for the office of bishop.  And we’ll consider a collection of resolutions, reports, and recommendations.



Each year at annual conference, we hold our service of Commissioning and Ordination.  Clergy who have completed their seminary education are commissioned as “Provisional Elders.”  After UMM 2016-02-13 Peter Jamieson _IMG_3050completing other work, the “Provisional Elders” are ordained as “Elders in Full Connection.”

This year, one of the candidates for ordination is a familiar name around PUMC- our former associate pastor, Rev. Peter Jamieson, will be ordained as an Elder.  The service will be held on Sunday night (5/22) at 7:00 PM.


You Can be There!

Anyone can drive to Wildwood and attend the conference. However, short of that, anyone can “attend” by watching a live video stream online!  Click on the following button to enter the live simulcast:  Simulcast






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