PUMC Enters a Construction Zone!

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Roads are great… we use them all the time!

Pitman United Methodist Church (Broadway & Lambs Rd.)

Broadway (left to right) and Lambs Road

But that’s part of the problem.  After years of rain, ice, snow, salt, and plowing, roads wear out.  They get pot holes.  The sidewalks become… unwalkable.

Unfortunately, that also applies to the roads surrounding our church.  Our church building is located on the corner of Lambs Road (county road 635) and Broadway (County road 553A), and both roads are now undergoing serious work.


The Plan…

Broadway and Lambs are county roads, and they’re maintained by the Gloucester County public works department.  Work on Broadway started on Monday May 16.  The first stage of the plan (at least the part which affects us), is to work on Broadway, southwards, starting at Lambs Road.  Work will continue down Broadway to Holly Ave (site of our old church building).  Downtown (the stretch between Holly Ave. and the tracks) will not be affected; this was repaved a few years ago.Signboard 2016-05-12 Let God Repave _IMG_3243

They’re going to mill and repave Broadway, and while they’re at it they will also upgrade and install handicap accessible ramps, and make other repairs to the underlying concrete.

They expect the work on Broadway to be completed by the end of July (although the area around our church will be done earlier).  Currently, they are working between the hours of 7AM-4PM.

At some point, attention will turn to Lambs Road.  They will repave the stretch between our church and Woodbury Road.

Not really effecting us directly, but while all of this is going on outside of our church, another crew will be working on the section of Broadway between the tracks (at West Jersey Ave.) and to where the tracks re-cross Main Street in Glassboro (south of the Glassboro Municipal Building).

They currently expect all of this work to be completed by the end of August (weather permitting).


We’re Helping…

Our church has agreed to permit the contractors to park their construction equipment in our Construction trucks 2016-05-16 -2 _400x300overflow parking lot (the unpaved area… which actually belongs to the Methodist Homes).

So when you see the equipment as you enter the church, give a quick prayer for the crews and for their safety (and for good weather!).


Expect Delays…

Not that Pitman’s Broadway compares to Philadelphia’s Schuylkill Expressway, but as they say on the traffic reports: “Expect Delays… and plan alternate routes.”

The current plan is to work during the day and “clean up” at 4PM.  So during the day, expect to see cones and lane closures along Broadway.   In the evenings, access on the Broadway side might be limited and bumpy, but you’ll be able to use the entrance.  And it’s likely that there will be delays on the Lambs Road side to accommodate construction equipment traveling on Lambs Road.

But- even through the busiest parts of this project, “We’re Open for Business!



Stay tuned to the PUMC website. As the construction progresses and as conditions change, updates will be made to this article.


For updates from the Gloucester County website:   Road Construction Updates




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