Hope to get a Boost at GNJ Conference (5/23/16)

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The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference will hold their … “annual conference” next week at the Wildwoods Convention Center.  During one of the worship services, an offering will be taken to benefit our “A Future With Hope” mission.downsized_0528050941

PUMC has contributed to this effort, and our portion of this offering will be given during the conference.

Below is more information about A Future With Hope (synopsis of an article by Chris Carter printed in the United Methodist Relay)….


The People of the United Methodist Church

The Mission Fund of the Greater New Jersey United Methodist Church was established to raise funds in support of local, regional, and global needs. Greater New Jersey congregations were asked to run a multiyear campaign that would help fund a local mission project, A Future With Hope, and contribute to global goals, Imagine No Malaria. By combining our resources, we can accomplish so much more than any one congregation could ever accomplish on it’s own. Together, United Methodists, with other partners have cut the death rate from malaria in half and rebuilt more than 200 homes destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. This is all made possible through our generous contributions to the GNJUMC Mission Fund.

The first images that come to mind of Superstorm Sandy’s effect on New Jersey are flooded seaside towns, wave battered boardwalks, and inundated islands. Much of the attention and media coverage after the storm was focused on those communities in the southern half of the state. However, devastation from the storm was also felt across northern sections of N.J.

The recovery process in the north may not have been as visible, but it was no less strenuous. A Future With Hope has worked in 13 of New Jersey’s 21 counties including Bergen, Union, Essex, and Middlesex in the north of the state that are not always associated with Sandy damage. Most of this work has been in cooperation with local recovery agencies to assist individuals and families to ensure that even the most vulnerable receive the help they need.

A Future With Hope was set up to handle all areas of Sandy rebuilding, so they were able to help other agencies fill in gaps and get displaced homeowners home quicker than we or they could have done alone.PzConcert4-16 FUMC FutureHope _IMG_9509

When rebuilding crews were sent in, United Methodist churches were ready to host volunteers and provide radical hospitality. Members of many churches prepared and delivered meals to feed the hard working volunteers lodged at ten host sites.

Different needs required service in different ways. In southern N.J., A Future With Hope often acted as the primary case manager and construction leader on rebuilding projects. In Union County, A Future With Hope’s construction teams joined other organizations that were already working with Sandy survivors. When A Future With Hope could not send construction teams to support a project they assisted in financing necessary repairs including mold remediation, electrical work, and roofing. We even replaced a mobile home. Since 2013, they helped rebuild or finance rebuilding 50 homes in northern N.J.

To date, 10,767 volunteers have completely rebuilt 204 houses. Another 25 are in process. This is what can be accomplished when United Methodists work together.


For another look (and link to a series of “stories of Hope” videos), check out this post…

A Future with Hope Continues to Rebuild Sandy Devistation







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